Other names of Farjana: Farzana, Farzana Barucha

Farjana is an Indian choreographer, model, and actress. She was born as Farzana Barucha. She has made her contribution in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies. She was born in Mumbai. She was very passionate about dancing. She had started taking training from a very young age. She started in the industry as a choreographer and a professional dancer. She started off by choreographing albums and fashion shows. She has worked in various stage shows. She had choreographed many stage shows for Adnan Sami. Her work in 2006 film Zinda starring Sanjay Dutt was one of the most notable works. She had choreographed the title song of the film. She had even been a model for big brands. She was a model for Sansui, Hero Honda, Big Bazaar and Godrej Hair Care. She started her career with a comedy movie doing comedy roles. She was first seen Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw by Nidhi Prasad in which she played the lead heroine role. The picture was a Telugu remake of Hindi movie Malamaal Weekly.

The Hindi adaption was written and directed by Priyadarshan. She continued as a lead in various comedy movies. The movies include Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters, Seema Sastri, Kuberulu, and Gajibiji. She made a special dance performance in Mallepuvvu. The movie starred Bhumika Chawla and Muralikrishna. She made her entry in Kollywood with the 1977 Tamil movie. The movie starred Namitha and Sarath Kumar. Besides acting dancing and modeling, she is very fond of outdoor sports and adventures activities. She enjoys rock climbing, paragliding and bungee jumping. She is a nutrition expert and has been a trainer for Reebok International Limited, which is a sportswear company.

Another Version Of This Bio…

Farjana is an Indian film actress and choreographer who work in South Indian language films. She started working as a choreographer in the movies and later started acting in Telugu and Tamil movies. Before making her debut in the movies, she has choreographed numerous fashion shows in India and abroad. Adnan Sami, who has a command of Indian and Western classical music, had noted her talent and Farjana got many chances to choreograph his stage shows. She had choreographed later for a film of Sanjay Dutt film in 2006 and gained appreciation too. This choreographer-turned-actress then made her debut in a prestigious Telugu project ’Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw’ with Rajendra Prasad, Ali and Richard Rishi.

Once a choreographer in many Bollywood films, she was seen later playing lead roles in many Telugu films. Farjana tells that dance will always remain her first love in her career, and she hopes she will get loads of opportunities to showcase her dancing skills too in her films. Farjana wanted to become a professional dancer and got a chance to work in some advertisement commercials too for brands like Hero Honda, Sansui and other cosmetic brands in our country. The reason she got the opportunity to act in Tollywood and Kollywood movies it is because she has beautiful looks and even talent. After starting her career as a choreographer, Farjana took up acting very seriously and being a quick learner in acting; people often did find her a delight to watch on screen. Thus, she became a successful heroine in south Indian cinema.

She has acted in ‘Seema Sastri’ with Allari Naresh and ‘Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters’ starring Allari Naresh, Krishna Bhagavaan, and Rithima in the lead roles, She was cast in a supporting role in ‘Gajibiji’ where Ali played the lead role, and K Vasu was director and producer of the film. She also acted in a Tamil film 1977 with Sarath Kumar. This actress is also a good nutritionist as she feels this habit can be done anywhere, anytime, without fail.

Another Version Of This Bio…

Someone, who dreams of playing Rani Mukherji’s character in Black, or Kajol’s role in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or even better, any character from Madhuri’s movies. That’s Farjana for her fans! Born and brought up in Mumbai, Farjana, born as Farjana Barucha, is a professional dancer and choreographer. Born in a Parsi family, she never felt any restraint, for what she wanted to do. She started her career in the industry as a professional dancer and choreographer. Initially, she worked as a choreographer for a couple of fashion shows and stage shows. She went on to work with Adnan Sami, as a stage choreographer. He most noted work as a choreographer was in 2006, in the film “Zinda” which had Sanjay Dutt playing the lead role. Later she was roped in for many commercial advertisements. Some print and television ads like Sansui TV, Hero Honda, Big Bazar, made her a noted even as a model.

The ads, for various brands, made her a known name in the industry. Nidhi Prasad, the director of “Bhagyalaksmi Bumper Draw” a Telegu remake of the Hindi movie Malamal Weekly, saw Farjana and signed her as a lead, in the film. In 2006, she worked in “Bhagylakshmi Bumper Draw” which was a superhit movie. The film opened a lot of avenues for the actress, as she started getting roles for many Telugu movies. Some of which include “Seema Sastri” (2007), “Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters” (2008), “Gajibji” (2008), “Kuberulu” (2008). In all these movies she was roped in for the lead roles. All these movies were comedy films, which categorized her as a comedy movie actress.

In “Mallepuvvu” which starred Muralikrishna and Bhumika Chawla, she made a unique appearance. In 2009, she debuted in the Tamil industry with the movie “1977” where she worked opposite Sarath Kumar and Namitha. The actress is a freak when it comes to adventure sports, some of them being paragliding, bungee jumping, and rock climbing. Farjana is also a nutritionist expert, and she was also a trainer for the sports.

E V Saroja Telugu Actress

E V Saroja

Well known Tamil and Telugu actress of black and white era, this extraordinary danseuse’s greatest legacy to cinema was that it is de rigeur for every girl who enters the South Indian cinema has to be an accomplished dancer. An actress par excellence, she combined beauty and histrionics to captivate the audience. She made her mark in South Indian cinema with her debut in a small role as a blind girl in M G R’s film En Thangai, which was released in 1952 and she acted in about 70 films with almost top stars like Gemini Ganesan, Akkineni Nageswara Rao and even Sivaji Ganesan. She came from a small village in Thiruvalluvar district where she was born on November 3, 1935. She was a stage artiste before making her debut in 'Enn Thangai' with the legendary M G Ramachandran. She and her brother E V Rajan established E.V.R pictures and went to produces films like Thaga Surangam with Sivaji Ganesan and Koduthuvaithaval with MGR. This actress tied her knot with a film maker to R Ramanna and had a son and a daughter... Not many know that En Thangai was based on a play written by ‘En Thangai’ Natarajan which hit the stage in the early 1950s which was enacted by struggling actor Sivaji Ganesan. While the screen role was offered to MGR. Actually MGR was not the choice for the film, but the role was to be enacted by singer Tiruchi Loganathan. For some reasons, Loganathan was replaced by MGR. Even attempts were made to rope Sivaji Ganesan for the role, but he was busy with debut film “Parasakthi’. Thus, Saroja got a break as the girl, who becomes blind due to lightening and young actress displayed her histrionics and reached the ladder of success in cine field. Her success in Tamil films took her to Telugu cinema and she played interesting roles in movies such as `Iddharu Mithrulu' where A. Nageswara Rao was the hero. She did not know Telugu, but her lines were written in Tamil and she spoke the dialogues. Besides acting, she also choreographed dances for a couple of Telugu films. She also acted in Hindi films too, She died when she was 74 at a private hospital in Chennai. She was honored with the 'MGR Award' by Jayalalitha.