Kanchanamala was a bold actress of Telugu film industry. In fact, she was the first heroine of Telugu film industry to wear a bikini. Born in the year 1923, Kanchanamala was known as the “Queen of the 70s”. 

Kanchanamala kick started her career in film industry with the1935 film Srikrishna Tulabharam when she was just 12 years old. That was not a major role. She wooed the audience with her beautiful eyes and acted in some other films, including Veerabhimanyu, Malapilla and Gruhalakshmi. 

Born in Tenali, Kanchanamala has only 19 movies to her credit. There is an interesting story in the film career of Kanchanamala. Director-producer Ramabrahmam assumed that this beautiful actress was not fit for acting. He eventually ignored her. But Kanchanamala steadily had an upswing in her career, and this is when Ramabrahmam realized that he made a mistake. He later cast her in the role of Harijan, a rural girl in the film Malapilla. Hardcore critics ruled her out, but nevertheless this beauty came with a brilliant performance as an illiterate village girl in the initial half and as a learnt modern city damsel in the second half. 

Later Kanchanamala acted in the 1936 flick Veerabhimanyu in a supporting role. Jaddan Bhai, who is a producer as well as an actress (Bollywood’s good actress Nargis is her daughter), was attracted towards Kanchanamala, and expressed her wish to see the Telugu star in Hindi films. Even Mehboob Khan, and renowned hero Motilal requested Kanchamala to get to know Hindi. They wanted Kanchanamala to be a great star of Bollywood. But Kanchanamala rejected all these offers. She was just a teenager then. The flick Vipra Narayana made her a big star. She was seen in a supporting role in this film. 

The film Gruhalakshmi was a milestone in Kanchanamala’s career, and she enacted the significant role of a depraved dancer in the film. 

Kanchanmala was mainly known for her glamour. The Telugu song "Dina Dinamu Papadni Deevinchi Pondi Devalokamuloni Devathallaara" in which Kanchanamala acted was such a hit that mothers used to sings this as a lullaby. Also such was Kanchanamala’s magnetic presence that her photograph decorated several homes.
Kamalinee Mukherjee Telugu Actress

Kamalinee Mukherjee

Born on 4th March 1980, Kamalinee Mukherjee has worked in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali films, but she is primarily a Telugu actress. Kamalinee graduated in English literature and then she got involved in a theater workshop. Phir Milenge was her debut film, but she was noticed in the film Telugu film Anand, which won several awards. Born in Kolkata, Kamalinee worked in every professional and amateur plays on stage during her school and college days. Interestingly, she took up masculine characters. Painting, writing poems, spiritual aspects also attracted her, other than theater. In fact, one of her poems was selected by a leading website and eventually she participated in a seminar which saw spiritual leader Dalai Lama presiding over it. Kamalinee had many years of training in classical dance Bharatanatyam. Kamalinee had a brief stint with hotel management, but that didn’t fascinate her. Later, she persuaded a theater arts course and worked in several theater plays. The ads Parachute, Neel Kamal, Ayush and Fair & Lovely were her venture in modeling. Director-actor Revathi provided her a role in her directorial endeavor Phir Milenge. Mukherjee’s parents were all for this career, though the former was quite doubtful at the outset. Then she made her debut in Tollywood with Sekhar Kammula’s Anand. The character of an independent modern lady was liked by Mukherjee since she could relate to it. Though Mukherjee felt that she could have done better in the film, she was bestowed with the Best Actress Award from Nandi Award. Later Mukherjee acted in several films, including the popular Tamil film Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. The Telugu film Godavari was well received and Mukherjee’s role, in particular, was appreciated. Then the Telugu film Gamyam happened which won both the Filmfare and Nandi Awards. Her Malayalam film Kutty Srank, opposite Mammooty, won six National awards. Mukherjee was lavishly praised for her performance as a Latin Christian involved in forbidden love. She also acted in her mother tongue Bengali; the film Aparajitha Tumi also gained her appreciation. Then she worked in a couple of ventures in Telugu and Malayalam. She has over 27 films to her credit. Kamalinee is indeed an actress par excellence.



Abhinayashree is a renowned Bollywood actress who has graced the screen in supporting roles in several South Indian films, playing small roles. Abhinayashree got her motivation by looking up to her mother, who mentored her from her many years of experience. Her mother has an impressive record of more than 700 films that were made in Indian languages, and she played supporting characters and musical scenes. Abhinayashree got her first big break in Siddique’s Tamil comedy, filmed in the year 2001. She was also featured in the 2004 Telugu film, together with the big star Allu Arjun, which was very successful and resulted in the actress being offered more movies to perform. However, she played similar roles in each movie. In the year 2005, Abhinayashree got her first big break as the lead actor in the movie, ‘Hungama’, where she was featured alongside the big star, Ali, and legendary actor, Venu Madhav. The movie was shot for a month after she was convinced by Krishna Reddy, a top director in the industry. From her phenomenal role in the movie ‘Paisalo Paramatma’, she won the Nandi Accolade for Best Comedian, which remains to date as her biggest success. In 2007, Abhinayashree decided not to appear in any more musical movies, after appearing in the Telugu film Aadivaram Adavallaku Selavu, but later on, changed her stand on the matter, stating that she is able to do both acting and item numbers. To this day, she still graces the movie industry with award winning performances.

Abhinayashree Telugu Actress