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Other names of Vikramaditya: Vikramaditya Shukla
Telugu Movie Actor Vikramaditya
Vikramaditya is a Tamil cum Telugu actor who is popularly known for his roles in Whistle and Pambara Kannalae. Whistle is the debut movie of Vikramaditya and Sherin in the year 2003. Though this is not a super hit movie, Vikramaditya was known to the Tamil audience for his role in that film. It is a Thriller movie and the movie has Gayathri Jeyaram, Sherin, Vivek and Divya Darshini along with Vikramaditya. After Whistle, Vikramaditya appeared in Pambara Kannale, a Tamil movie with Srikanth and Arthy Agarwal in the lead in 2005. He did a negative role in that movie. It was an average movie. After the gap of two years, he acted in Thollaipesi, a film about the illegal relationship. This film got released in 2007 and Vikramaditya did not get any good response from that movie. Similar to Thollaipesi, Vikramaditya acted in Nanbanin Kadhali with Kunal and Shivani. Though these movies did not hit the box office, Vikramaditya continuously searched and found the films for him. He acted with Sneha in the film Yen Indha Mounam and the film got released in the year 2009. Sarath Babu Sarath Babu is in the Industry for few decades now >> Read More... and Aishwarya did the supporting roles in that film. Kaarthigai, which was released in 2012, is his latest movie. It had Priyanka Kothari Priyanka Kothari is an Indian film actress, who ha >> Read More... , Samiksha and Suman in the lead roles. He has also acted in a Telugu movie called Samrajyam with Sri Hari in the lead role.


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