N. Shankar Telugu Actor

N. Shankar or Nimmala Shankar in real life is a Telugu film director. He was born at Madgulapally, Telangana, India to Nimmala Guruvaiah and Nimmala Sakkubayamma. Since childhood, Shankar has been an avid reader of literature. He was a big fan of literature legends like Chalam, Gopichand, Kaloji, Ravi Sastri, Sri Sri, Tilak, and much more. He is fond of reading history and was influenced by Azad, Alluri Seeta Rama Raju, Komaram Bheem, and Subhash Chandrabose, who have sacrificed their lives for their people. He used to join Kavi Sammelanam (a gathering of poets) and attended one in Nalgonda in the year 1983. The event was also attended by Ravi Sastri and Sri Sri, who have liked his poems.

His photo with his two idols came in the local newspaper during that time. Prabhakar Reddy, an actor, lives nearby his area and has heard about him. They met and he received an invitation from the actor to come to Madras. When he went to Chennai, Prabhakar Reddy suggested his name for the 1984 film, Bharatamlo Sankharavam. He worked in the direction department and that is the start of his journey in the film industry. Later on, he assisted prominent directors like B Bhaskara Rao, EVV, Krishna, and Kodandarami Reddy. Krishna, a Telugu actor, and director, who established the Padmalaya Film Studios, gave Shankar a chance in film direction. Under this banner, he directed his debut film, Encounter (1997).

In 1998, he directed Sri Ramulayya, a fictional biographical film, based on the life of Paritala Sriramulu. This was followed by a fantasy comedy film, Yamajathakudu (1999), with Mohan Babu He is an actor, a producer, educationalist, former >> Read More... Mohan Babu , Rajendra Prasad Rajendra Prasad is a famous actor in Telugu. He is >> Read More... Rajendra Prasad , Sakshi Shivanand Sakshi is an Indian actress who has acted in Kanna >> Read More... Sakshi Shivanand , Chandini, and Sadhika in the leading roles. His fourth film, Jayam Manadera, is a very successful action drama, which stars Venkatesh, Soundarya, and Bhanupriya in the main lead roles. Venkatesh won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in the year 2000. Later, he directed films like Bhadrachalam (2001), Aayudham (2003), and Raam (2006). He also directed a Kannada action drama film entitled Nammanna, which features Sudeep and Asha Saini Asha Saini is an Indian actress. She is also a mod >> Read More... Asha Saini in the main lead roles.

After Raam, Shankar took a hiatus and hadn’t done any Telugu films. In an interview, he explained that he has been working on a Kannada film to be remade in Tamil, which will star Vijayakant. Also, a brilliant actor, Chiranjeevi, wanted him to be the director of his 150th film with the same storyline that he’s been preparing. However, the project was put on hold since Chiranjeevi is entering the political world. In 2011, Shankar bagged the Nandi Award for Best Director for his excellent work in the historical drama film, Jai Bolo Telangana. The film itself also won the Sarojini Devi Award for a Film on National Integration. Shankar now owns a production house called Mahalakshmi Arts and he’s currently looking for aspiring talents for his future projects.