Racha Ravi

Other names of Racha Ravi: Ravi Kumar Doddipati

Racha Ravi was born on 27 July, 1982 in Hanumakonda, Warangal, Telangana. Ravi Kumar Doddipati is a Telugu actor and comedian. When he was in 6th class he made up his mind to become a comedian. This would be funny to many but he used to wait to become an adult so that he can escape from his home and try his luck in the field he is interested in i.e., Acting. While studying Intermediate in SVS College, he escaped from there and came to Industry along with his three friends, to try his luck as an artist and others in the direction department. Where ever he goes everyone used to ask him about his work experience. So, in order to do work and to have some potential on work he started his journey as an assistant director. When his parents got to know about this, they rushed to Hyderabad and took him away with them to village and they joined him in an Municipal Corporation for completion of his degree but again he came to industry and never left. After the marriage also he did not leave the Industry. Shyam Prasad Reddy Shyam Prasad Reddy is an Indian film producer. He >> Read More... Shyam Prasad Reddy , who is the producer of ‘ Jabardasth Jabardasth Comedy Show was a popular Telugu comedy >> Read More... Jabardasth ’ gave an opportunity for these kind of talented people to show their best qualities. He proved to everyone that if given an opportunity he can show what a great comedian he can be.

After getting success, the first thing he did was to thank his friends, as they were the main reason for his success. As whenever they start practising a skit they don’t give up until they are totally perfect in that skit. One day, while he was travelling in a bus a person told him that "You Have A Good Voice, Why Don’t You Try As An RJ". Taking his advice seriously he went to the interview where there were three hundred people and he was first person to get selected in that and later travelled to Dubai on work (it was the turning point in his life). After earning some money over there, he returned back to the Industry but struggled a lot that at some point of time he even worked as a Washing Machine Technician in order to earn his living. He started his career as an assistant director for some TV shows. Then, he got to act in the ETV Telugu Comedy show called ‘Jabardasth’ which gave him a nice opportunity to cherish his career and brought him chances to act in movies. He has also hosted a TV show called “Once More Please”. His first movie in Telugu was “1000 Abaddalu” under the direction of ‘ Teja Dharma Teja Jasti is also known popularly as Teja >> Read More... Teja ’, in 2013. He is one of the best upcoming comedians in Tollywood with more than 35 films under his belt. .

Chammak Chandra

Chammak Chandra, popularly known for his female roles and his mannerisms on JABARDAST stage, was born on 10th December. His original name is Chander Naik, which is not much known. His parents were Dhan Singh and Jamuna. He belonged to Venkatapur Tanda in Nizamabad district. He was born in a very poor family. His parents had to work daily to get something to eat. He studied till 7th standard in Bhanswada and then went to yellareddy to study further. But he was unable to clear his 10th class board examinations. Then he stopped pursuing studies and started earning money by working as a daily labour in Hyderabad and simultaneously tried for chances in movies. Even as a child he was very well known in the village for his sense of humour and even he enjoyed entertaining people around him. He also knew a bit of dance. He also took training in acting in film Nagar where he met Dhanraj, and both became nice friends after that. His first movie was Director Teja’s Jai. During auditions for the movie they met Venu and eventually the gang of two became three. He is one of the comedians who came into limelight after JABARDAST comedy show. He was one of the team leaders in the season-1 of this show. His team name became his screen name after the show became a hit. Before performing skits in JABARDAST program, he used to do comedy skits in film award functions, Audio functions and also some comedian roles in movies. For almost ten years he had struggled a lot doing small roles and without any recognition. There had been times in which he was able to afford only a single meal per day. But still he never lost hope and continued to try for roles in movies and is now being considered for many movie roles and the credit goes to JABARDAST show.

Chammak Chandra Telugu Actor