Dr.Sandhya Lakshmi Telugu Actress

Astrologer Dr. Sandhya Lakshmi, who currently hosts two televisions, shows ‘ Gopuram Gopuram was a television series that was telecaste >> Read More... Gopuram ’ and ‘ Subhamasthu Shubhamasthu is a Telugu astrology show, hosted on >> Read More... Subhamasthu ’ in Zee Telugu TV channel is best known as a television personality to Andhra People for her TV shows as an astrologer. Her astrologer predictions which cater to day to day family issues, learning about people’s nature, relationship problems, how to improve life, Vastu tips, etc. subsequently has offered very simple and affordable solutions to people’s problems.

More than popularity, she gained trust and confidence of the people and even won people’s hearts by hosting these two TV shows in Zee Telugu TV channel. Mrs. Dr. Sandhya Lakshmi is a philosophical intellect who enlightens the viewers on the practice of rituals making people aware of the facts. Dr. Sandhya Laksmi was a freelance Telugu journalist. She has been a well-known astrologer in Andhra Pradesh since 1980. She completed her doctorate in Astrology with Allopathy and Ayurveda. She has been a recipient of ‘Jyotisha Ratna’ and ‘Jyotisha Saraswati’ in the field of astrology. She has even hosted about 50 live shows on child rights for UNICEF.

As a presenter of the show ‘Gopuram,’ she discusses a lot on Rashi, Nakshatram, date of birth, etc. and talks about the various effects and the importance of the ‘doshams’ which are found in one’s Kundli .Dr. Sandhya identifies the reason for the problem and gives the effective solution. She even tells people that if an individual is going through the bad period as per planetary positions, a simple and inexpensive solution is required; there is no need for 'Kundli dosh' solution. She gives the example of various rituals in Hindu religion and advice people to follow it.

Through her show, her approach helps viewers understand and get educated about the true reasons for the trouble they are facing in their lives. Apart from this, she is also a motivational speaker and a relationship counselor. She also conducts workshops on human relationships. Over the course of her profession, she has specialized a lot on Vastu consultancy and other issues like ‘ Mangalya Dosham Mangalya Dosham is a Tamil TV serial that airs on >> Read More... Mangalya Dosham ’ and ‘Sptami Sthanam', etc. She is like a ‘family astrologer guru’ for her viewers in Andhra Pradesh through her shows.