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Shilpa Chakravarthy

Other names of Shilpa Chakravarthy: Shilpa Chakravarthi

The Tollywood actress is known for her effortless performances in the industry. She is a famous Tv anchor and a Telugu actress. She is believed to be the most charming and beautiful lady in Telugu industry. At the starting of her career days, she appeared to be sizzling to one of the Telugu Tv serial productions who immediately signed her for "Wow Ultimate Game Show" which was a reality show to be telecasted on ETV.

People loved her hosting in the show, and she was signed up for numerous projects after that. And soon she got engaged in shows and hosted Palnadu Movie Audio Launch and Tadakha Abhinandna Sabha. Also, she gained a lot of appreciation after she was found hosting an event show "Cinema Mahila Awards " in 2013.

She gained a lot of attention all through this, her sizzling dance performances renders her unique image in front of her fans. She belongs to the city of nawab's and truly she has that essence in her. She started her career through modelling and is a prominent actress in Tollywood. She is growing her career day by day and climbing the ladder to success.

Another version of this bio...

Shilpa chakravarthi is a Telugu actress and anchor. She is from Kalakatha. Her mother tongue is Bengali but she can speak Telugu, Hindi, and English. She is a Bengali Brahmin. Her mother and father was railway empolyees. Due to their jobs they shifted to Hyderabad and settled here. She has one brother and he is a software engineer. Shilpa’s education and evertything would be in railway school, ralway colleges only. She did her M.B.A. she got married to Kalyan Jada yakaiah. He is a columnist. Shilpa and kalyan were both got loved each and got married in Arya samaj because at that time shipa’s parents were not accepted to their marriage. After marriage, her parents were accepted. Kalyan is a Telugu guy and he is from Warangal, Telangana. Now they both are having 2 kids. Her daughter’s name is Anika and she is 5 years old. And her son is 3 years old. She is proudly saying that her children can speak 4 languages because she speaks in Bengali with her children and her husband speaks in English and her aunt speaks Telugu and they are learning Hindi in school. Shilpa is very expressive like if she likes something she can do what ever it is. And she treats everyone as same. She likes heroes like Allu arjun. She likes red color. And she likes anchors like suma and udhayabanu.

Shilpa’s mother and father were a very good drama artists and her father is a very good writer that’s the reason she used to participate in dramas with her mom on stage on railway programs. She learned kathak and she is a good dancer. She participated in several reality shows. When she was studying her MBA, she started her career in modeling and then she entered into TV. First she acted in serials and at the same time she started anchoring. She did not know Telugu at that time, she used to write Telugu diologues into Hindi and she used to read it. But now she can manage and she can speak good Telugu. Now she is hosting audio launches, film functions, and etc. she also acted in few movies. Her first serial was Kante kuthurne kanali.


Serials: kante kuthurne kanali, etc

Shows: Santoor top ten, dance baby dance, mati chithralu, bale jodi, etc.