Ashwini Sharma Telugu Actress

Ashwini Sharma is a TV anchor from India. She hosts TV shows primarily in the Telugu Language. Ashwini Sharma was born on the 12th of September 1989. Her birthplace is Vizag, a city in the now-divided state of Andhra Pradesh. Vizag is also known to the public by the name Vishakhapatnam. She has studied up to the under graduation level. The degree that she earned is called Bachelor of Commerce.

After her undergraduate degree, she has studied at NIFT. The full form of NIFT is National Institute of Fashion and Technology. She was a student at the Hyderabad branch. She has worked as an anchor for many shows which get aired on Television channels like MAA TV as well as ETV. However, she is not just any other TV host. Along with having done dozens of programs, she has also created history by getting her name in the World Records book of Guinness. The task which got her into the record book was singing consistently for One hundred and eight minutes. Navagraha Keerthanas was the song that she sang.

Along with Guinness Book, her name was also recorded by Wonder Book of Records International. She has interviewed dozens of famous south Indian heroes and heroines such as ' Dhanush This lanky superstar Dhanush is an actor from Tami >> Read More... Dhanush ' and 'Suriya'. Due to her talent and resourcefulness, the salary that she earns is very high. According to one website, she has the potential to earn around Rs. Twenty-five thousand every single day.

She stands tall at about five feet and two inches. She is not married yet. The language that she can speak most fluently is Telugu, which is the most commonly spoken language in the recently divided states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Telugu is also the language in which she anchors most of her programs. She is quite active on social media too. She has a page on Facebook. It gets updated on a regular basis by her. Very recently, she took part in the launch of the audio named Iddaram.

She also hosted a promotional event of a film which included many South Indian actors. Some of them include the famed and handsome hero Maheshbabu Garu and the beautiful and ravishing Kajal Agarwal. Srikanth Addala Srikanth Addala is a popular film director, who is >> Read More... Srikanth Addala was also present at this promotion. The school that she went to is called Kendriya Vidyalaya in Picket. She works with MAA TV and the ETV network. She will turn 27 in the year 2016. She is very attractive and photogenic too.