Nirosha Krishna was an Indian Video Jockey. She was a star Telugu anchor at the popular South Indian Channel Gemini TV. She was known for hosting several musical shows broadcasted on the same television channel. She hit the headlines when she committed suicide on the 16th of March in the year of 2016. Only 23 years old of age, it was difficult for her acquaintances, family and friends to contemplate the reason because of which she took such a drastic step. Given her sweet and lively nature, this news came as a shock to her fans and well wishers.

She was born in Andhra Pradesh itself where she later made a living. She belonged to the Malleswaram village of the Chittoor district in the state. Her parents continue to live in the same district of Somala Mandal. She aspired to become an anchor eversince she was a child. Her career reportedly started as a news journalist. Before joining a music channel and becoming a VJ, she briefly worked with two news channels. She reached the peak of her profession as an anchor on Gemini TV. She was engaged and about to finally marry her fiancé Ritwik in April. Ritwik was based out of India in Canada and had a living there. According to the various police reports, she got into a heated argument with her to-be husband and threatened him about committing suicide.

She committed suicide by hanging herself from a fan in her PG hostel room inSindhi Colony situated in Secunderabad. After receiving the threat, Ritwik allegedly contacted her parents, who contacted the police. However, by the time they could reach her locked apartment, she had already committed suicide. Before her death, she spoke to someone on the phone, whose whereabouts the police are still tracking. Her parents also attributed the reason of her suicide to be the health issues she had been facing over two years.

The Telugu Industry took her demise with great shock and sorrow as another TV actor named Sai Prashanth Sai Prashanth is a well known serial actor who has >> Read More... Sai Prashanth had committed suicide a few days ago before Nirosha’s suicide. Nirosha's brother K. Mahesh, a bank employee in Bengaluru, claimed that he met her ten days ago her demise and she was happy. It was not in her daring and happy-go-lucky nature to take such a cowardly and extreme step. Nirosha's mother and father - Radhakrishna and Vasanthamma have said that their daughter was definitely not depressed. She was an ambitious girl and aspired to become an actor in the Telugu Film Industry. The reason behind her taking such an action has not yet been confirmed.