Bobby Bilani Tamil Actor

Bobby Bilani is a magnificent and successful actor of the industry. He is one of the most popular actors of the Tamil Film Industry. He has done wonders and achieved a lot in his entire journey. Being in this industry was his dream and he wanted to be there to achieve a lot and become famous. Acting was his childhood passion. From the beginning he wanted to become an actor and earn love and respect from the audience. He has done 48 serials till now. He started acting in serials in 2008 and he has contributed a lot till now.

He mostly did negative role which suit him the best. Although, he has done negative roles all the time but recently in an interview, he said that he would do positive roles very soon as the audience wants to see him doing positive roles. He likes doing negative roles does them most of the times and the audience loves his performances. Bobby Bilani has worked with Sun T.V, Vijay T.V and many more. He has done the popular serial Thendral which broadcasted on Sun T.V. It started in 2009 and finished in 2015 in January. The story of the soap opera revolves around a middle-class family girl who focuses on women’s education. He has also done Deivam Thantha Veedu which broadcasted on Vijay Tv, that started on 15 July 2013.

This soap opera is an altered copy of Sath Nibhana Sathiya which comes on Star Plus and is one of the most loved and supported by the audience. Sudha Chandran Here is a girl who met with a major accident while >> Read More... Sudha Chandran , a popular actress , was in the supporting role in this soap opera. Bobby Bilanihas worked with many other channels and left a mark on every channel and soap opera. He has done some serials and has gained a lot of experience and earned name and fame . . Bobby Bilani has also done many roles in movies as well. He started with small and side roles and did wonders. As a child he was very fond of acting and becoming an astonishing actor. His dreams were very huge and he has lived up to them. He is doing an incredible job in the industry and is still contributing a lot to the industry.