Love is purest when its innocent and this movie very rightfully depicts love in its purest form Tea Kadai Raja is love dream we all have experienced Plot T

Tea Kadai Raja Movie Review

Tea Kadai Raja Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Tea Kadai Raja"
Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-04-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Love is purest when its innocent and this movie, very rightfully depicts love in its purest form. Tea Kadai Raja is love dream we all have experienced.

Plot: The plot of Tea Kadai Raja is based on a semi-urban society where most of the love stories blossom. Raja Subbaiah plays a boy next door, just like any other guy in the society. But his fortunes sparkle when he finds out about his beautiful neighbor played by Neha Gayatri. Awe-struck by her beauty, Raja approaches her. It is now that he faces the very common dilemma of relative beauty. He finds many other girls but is still affectionate towards Neha. It is here that many other boys of the locality come into the scene and begins a laughter ride. The story then continues to show both of them enjoying their lives as a couple.

Analysis: Being a romantic comedy, Tea Kadai Raja is a real stress-buster. It has some beautiful moments that forms the basis of many relationships. The scenes where the couple enjoys each other’s company will make one nostalgic of his or her love-life. On the whole, it is a beautiful collection of an ordinary person’s love story.

Star Performances: Raja Subbaiah has pulled out a rabbit-out-of-the-hat with his role-play. The innocent-yet-cheeky character of a middle-class boy had him like anything. His friend, Yogi Babu, who is ‘in-charge’ of the comic role, indeed makes one roll with laughter. Often termed as the x-factor of the film, Neha Gayatri got a lead role in the movie. She comes in a time where female artists fetch side roles mostly, and she has turned it around with her pretty face and mature acting.

What’s there?

1. Romance and a lot of laughter. The later part of the movie will make one roll-with-laughter.

2. Nostalgia which will draw you in your past. The cute-yet-sensible love story of Neha and Raja is on point.

3. A very clear message on beauty being irrelevant of anything but purity.

What’s not there?

1. The movie lacks a strong storyline which is visible due to abrupt sequence change.

2. A few unnecessary songs can make it a bit annoying, but are bearable.

3. Not much is depicted on either of the actor’s family or the locality.

Verdict: After a stressful day, if one wants an hour or more of laughter and fun, Tea Kadai Raja is there for you. The audience will carry a perpetual smile throughout the movie, which itself makes it a big success.