Shankar Srihari is an Indian film actor, popular amongst the regional audience for his work in movies like Enga Amma Rani Click to look into! >> Read More... Enga Amma Rani (2017), Kee (2019), etc. Mostly known for his major involvement in Tamil TV shows, short films, documentaries, dramas, theatres, and Kollywood movies, Shankar has been a prominent part of the South Indian film industry for more than five years now.

The year 2017 was a crucial one for Shankar as he made his first decisive contribution on the silver screen as an on-screen artist with the Tamil horror film Enga Amma Rani, directed by S Bani, produced by C Muthukrishnan. Since then, Shankar has evolved a lot as an actor, solely because of his passion and dedication for acting.

Ashvin Raja Tamil Actor

Ashvin Raja

Ashvin Raja is an actor in the Tamil movie industry. He plays comedy roles and character roles. This multitalented star was born on 21st November 1989 in Choolaimedu, Chennai. He began his career in director Rajesh’s movie, ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’(2010). His character of ‘Paalpandi’, son of the money lender from whom the lead borrows money, became a sensation and offers began to rain for this star. The scenes where he shows the knife and eats apples in the tutorial and laughs at the lead when he comes to borrow money became quite famous. In his second film ‘Kumki’(2012) he plays ‘Undiyal’ where he has character presence throughout the movie and plays the role of a companion to the main lead along with that of a comic relief. The comedy duo of Ashvin Raja and Thambi Ramaiah made the movie more fun and lively. Kumki became a blockbuster hit and he came to be called ‘Kumki Ashvin’. He was also lauded for his role as ‘Soozhi’ in Neduchaalai(2014). His father is the famous producer V.Swaminathan who is a director of Lakshmi Movie Makers, famous for producing films like Pudupettai, Bhagavathy, Silambattam, Unnai Ninaithu and distributor of critically acclaimed ‘Anbe Sivam’. On one of his father’s meetings with Kasthuri Raja, director, and father to actor Dhanush, he was offered a chance to act in his movie. He followed it up and acted for 15 days but the project was then unfortunately shelved. This didn’t deter Ashvin, but instead, ignited the passion for acting and he landed a role on his own in Boss Engira Bhaskaran and had to follow and court Prabhu Solomon for a long time for his role in ‘Kumki’, for which he was finalised mere three days before the shooting of the film. This actor made it on his own in the industry despite his father being a big shot in Kollywood and has disclosed in an interview that his father never made any offer to make a film just for his cause. He has acted in around 20 films in his career spanning 6 years, all thanks to his enthusiasm and hard work. He learned short put for his film ‘Eetti’ and acted for 66 days with an elephant for ‘Kumki’. He has acted in comic roles, ‘the-friend-of-the hero’ roles, and also done some serious ones. He essayed important roles in movies like ‘Veyilodu Vilayadu’ and ‘Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal’. He acted in horror movies like ‘Maharani Kottai’ and ‘Naradhan’ and did some action- sequences in ‘Enamo Nadakuthu’. He shared in an interview that he wouldn’t hesitate to do a negative role. This Chennai boy is a fan of Kamal Hassan and knows Tamil and English. Though he studied French in his 11th and 12th standard, like everyone, he remembers nothing French now. He desires to essay Nagesh’s role in ‘Server Sundaram’, though he acknowledges that no one else can do that role other than Nagesh himself. He is friendly with all co-stars and shares good friendhisp with actor Vimal with whom he acted with, in ‘Kaaval’. Here’s to hoping that this actor gets to entertain us for years to come.


Kalloori Vinoth

Vinoth Kumar also known as Kalloori Vinoth was born on 11th May 1988 in Chennai. He started his career as a theatre artist and a writer but in 2007 he got an opportunity to act in film Kalloori as a supporting artist. Though the film did not receive any good review Vinoth’s acting was appreciated by the audience. He has worked for both Tamil and Bollywood film industry. Vinoth took his inspiration to become an actor from his father who was a drama artist. It was during his college days that he started practising his acting skills and took part in various acting/drama competitions. He used to take part in various competitions and it was during one of those competitions that he won, and was asked to audition for a role in the film in which he got selected. Along with being a reputed actor he also knows the art of mime. Vinoth has been conducting training classes in various colleges such as Loyola, SDNB, Ethiraj, etc. He goes to different colleges and trains the students in variety entertainment and mime. Even though he started acting in supporting roles for various movies his love for drama and theatre has not been lost; he still takes part in theatre sometimes. Vinoth doesn’t believe in playing any particular role or limiting oneself for any particular genre. He prefers his roles in movies that can be continued during the entire duration of the film instead of being stationary. After his role in film Kalloori, Vinoth worked in many other films such as- Vizha(2013), Maari(2015), Tubelight(2017), Sketch(2018), etc. Currently, he is filming four more films that are yet to announce their release dates; one film being a sequel to his 2015 blockbuster film Maari, known as Maari 2. Vinoth has worked with some of the highly known and popular celebrities like Dhanush, Kajal Aggrawal, Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddique, etc. Irrespective of his past work, Vinoth has gained his popularity from film Maari. Vinoth believes in making efforts and doing hard work in order to make his work different from other and achieve uniqueness. He has no dream role like many other artists that he wants to perform, he hopes to widen his horizons and learn at every given opportunity. Vinoth is extremely fond of kids and its one of the main reason according to him that he avoids playing a negative or dark character so as to not influence them by his negative character.

Kalloori Vinoth Tamil Actor