Ravi Khanna born in Gujarat on July 9, 1929, in British India is a veteran actor, TV/Radio journalist and a stunt man in Bollywood. He came from Pakistan during the partition in 1947 and settled in Bombay. He became a Junior Artist in Bollywood industry in his initial struggling days. He then became a stuntman from Jr. Artist. After some time he was promoted to the post of stunt coordinator. As a stunt coordinator, he made his debut in the movie named “Upkaar” which was directed by Manoj Kumar Manoj Kumar was born as Harikrishna Goswami. He wa >> Read More... Manoj Kumar . From there, Ravi didn’t have to look back and moved forward step by step towards success. He has also worked as a stunt coordinator in movies like Kaalia which was released in the year 1981, Mera Gaon Mera Desh in 1971, Haqeeqat in 1964, Shart in 1969, Shriman Satyawadi in 1960, and Hum Ek Hain in 1969, etc. He has spent most of his time in the United States.

He has the knowledge and perspective on South Asia, which can be clearly seen in his blogs and articles. He is an award winning actor and a voice artist who has acted on television as well as on stages and films in US and India. He has produced and written many TV packages in English, mostly in South Asia and the Middle East as a TV producer and Analyst. He has taken interview of many South Asian leaders and eminent personalities like Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh Manmohan Singh is a Punjabi film director and a re >> Read More... Manmohan Singh , Benazir Bhutto, Hossain Mohammad Ershad, Atal Behari Vajpayee, etc.

He has also interviewed and spoke to many US experts as well. His idol is Om Puri Om Rajesh Puri is one of the widely noted senior a >> Read More... Om Puri , and Ravi is a natural actor who has done many roles in Hindi, Urdu, English, and Punjabi. He studied at SRCC and started doing stage acting in his college days and also bagged an Award for Best Actor in his second year in college. He also took part in many other competitions like debates, youth festivals, etc. After this, he got a call from Charanjit who told him to associate with radio. Then he met many contemporaries like T. P. Jain, Kulbhushan Kharbanda Birthday: 21/10/1944                     Proudly >> Read More... Kulbhushan Kharbanda , Ashok Sarin, Ram Gopal, Laxmi Krishnamurthy, R. P. Sethi, Surinder Kochar, and Om Shivpuri Om Shivpuri is an Indian theater actor who was see >> Read More... Om Shivpuri , etc. He achieved Zee lifetime achievement Award in 2001 for his excellence in cinema.