K Ganesh Kumar is one of south India’s most famous stunt director. During the period 1994 to 2006, he worked as a stuntman. Later he ventured in action direction. Ganesh Kumar’s father and grandfather were stuntmen. Ganesh Kumar has worked on action sequences in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films.

He also performed as the body double to several top stars of the south Indian film industry. K Ganesh Kumar has also worked on Punjabi projects. Naaigal Jaakirathai Click to look into! >> Read More... Naaigal Jaakirathai , Siruthai, Veeram, Vengai, Alex Pandian Click to look into! >> Read More... Alex Pandian etc. are some of his notable works.

Jackie Johnson Tamil Actor

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson Tamil is a stunt director. He was born in India. He likes to works with the Tamil Cinema. He has Indian Nationality. His venture ‘Real Fighter’ has gained popularity among all the projects at that time. He is born in Tamil Nadu and India. He gave his best assistant at the time of his starting career. Jackie has well versed with the screenplay writing story writing and dialogue writing. Apart from Tamil industry, he did movies in some other languages like Malayalam too. Johnson has worked with other veteran directors like Pandi Lingeswaran. He works with the actors with versatile performance. He did multiple movie projects in line. He has well known for project real fighter, and Nee Enbathu. He did ‘Real Fighter’ in the year 2016. Its release date is July 29 and in the year 2016. It's run time is two hours two minutes. It has a genre drama, adventure, and action. Its cast and crew are Jackie Jackson, Riyaz, Kannur Vasutty, Jessen Joseph, Gayathri-Malayalam, Vazhoor Jose, Sibu Sukumaran, Sujith Murali, and Riju Naushad. Biju Sabinam and Satheesh Attingal are the producers. Riyaz is the music director. Jessen Joseph is the director. Rijy Naushad is the actor in this film. Gayathri-Malayalam did the lead role in it. Biju Sabeena is the supporting actor in it. Aneesh Kollam is the art director. CT Kabeer did the lyrics writing. Sujith Murali is the director of photography. Jackie Jackson did the stunt direction. Anil Madayil is the associate director. Sudhan Perurkkada is the production controller. Satheesh Thirumala is the production manager. Jinu Jiji had written the story play. Baiju Balaramapuram is the makeup artist. Devan Neyyatinkara, Sanju Salim, Kannur Vasutty, and Satheesh Attingal are the supporting actors. Vazhoor Josh is a public relations officer. Jackie did another film as a stunt director in the same year. He did Nee Enbathu in the year 2016. Its release date is October 21 and year is 2016. It's run time is one hour and fifty minutes. It has a genre of drama and romance. The cast of it is Shaji, Uday, and Jackie Jackson. Abdul Rahman is the producer. Ravi K Menon is the music director. Akkabar is the editor. AR Rahim is the director. Uday and Shaji is the director of photography. AR Rahim also did the story play and screenplay writing. Pandi Lingeswaran is the supporting actor. Ravi K Menon did the music direction in it.