Tamil Stunt Doubles ( 0 - 2 )


Stunt Doubles Are Professional Artists

Stunt Doubles Are Professional Artists Which In-Turn Play The Parts Of The Actors In A Movie For Tasks Which Cannot Be Performed By The Actors Themselves.

They Are Usually Hired When The Shot Consists Of A Really Threatening Sequence And Requires A Professional Skillset Such As - Jumping Out Of Fast Vehicles Or Stepping Into A Building Which Is On Fire Etc. Sometimes, The Stunt May Be Too Hazardous For The Main Actor To Do Given Their Medical Drawbacks Against Some Particular Situations. Stunt Doubles Are Always Expected To Resemble The Actors They Are Supposed To Replace In Stunt Sequences. Although Some Of The Actors Choose To Perform Stunts On Their Own, Most Of The Others Keep Their Stunt Doubles As A Part Of Their Support Crew, Alongside Make-Up Artists, Assistants, Etc.

Many Of The Artists In The Industry Started Their Careers As Stunt Doubles And Eventually Achieved Higher Feats.