Birthday: 22-02-1956
Age: 63
Star sign: Pisces

Ashok Amritraj was born on 22 February in the year 1956. His birthplace is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He was brought up in America but he is an Indian by origin. His profession is a film producer. He is the CEO and the chairman of Hyde Park Entertainment Company. He was a professional tennis player earlier in his life. Not only that, but he was also the CEO of the very famous animal and nature related channel National Geographic Channel. Because Amritraj is a producer and was a former tennis player, we simply cannot neglect his contribution with tennis for the country.

He represented his country in international tournaments. He was associated with tennis for nine long years. During that time, he participated in Wimbledon and US Open tournaments where the world is best in the sport compete. He won the World Team Tennis Championship when he used to play for the L. A. Strings in the year 1978. The same year he was also declared the most valuable player. He also played in the singles tournament. He reached the finals of the Junior Singles Tournament in the year 1974. He has two brothers, Vijay and A. Amritraj. Both of them are professional tennis players.

They had reached the finals of the Davies Cup together in the year 1987. His career associated with films range over thirty years. During these years, he has made over a hundred films and most of them were huge hits. His films have collected billions of revenues. During these years, he has blended with some of the biggest studios in Hollywood and he has produced movies starring icons like Stallone, Angelina Jolie, Robert de Niro, Andrew Garfield, Steve Martin, Bruce Wills, Sandra Bullock and much more. He is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of Hyde Park Entertainment Company.

He has grown the company in such a way that it fulfils all the criteria for a traditional Hollywood studio and production firm. He has produced commercials, feature films, documentaries, short films, cultural events and much more. His company has produced hits like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. This film had Nicolas Cage acting in the lead role. Even his company has produced Sandra Bullock starred Premonition, The Rock, Dwayne Rock Johnson, starter Walking Tall, and much more. Amritraj currently lives in Los Angeles as a multi-millionaire and the value of his company is in billions. He has two children, Milan and Priya Amritraj. The name of his wife is Chitra and they live a happy life.

N Subash Chandrabose

N Subash Chandra Bose is an Indian producer who works particularly in Tamil cinema. He has a produced a lot of films and has also won several Filmfare, national and south Indian international movie awards. Subash who is currently residing in Tamil Nadu started a production house along with his brother N Lingusamy in 2006 titled Thirupathi brothers. It is a production company under motion pictures and has its headquarters located in Tamil Nadu, India. Between the two brothers, Subash is a producer and Lingusamy is the director. Subash started his career in the industry under this production house with the film Deepawali. Deepawali is a romantic movie starring Jayaram and Bhavana in lead roles. Released on 9th February 2007 and directed by Ezhil; the film is a tragic love story about a girl who forgets her boyfriend after post-traumatic stress disorder. The movie got mixed reviews. His next production hit the cinemas on 27th March 2009 as Puttalam. The picture features Nadiya and Irfan Mohammed as lead actors. Paiyaa is another action romantic picture directed by his brother Lingusamy itself which was released on 2nd April 2010. The plot revolves around how a taxi driver protects the girl he likes from miscreants and wins her heart. The movie did an average collection at the box office. The year 2012 turned out to be the first big year of his career since 2007. Movies like Vettai, Vazhakku Enn 18/9, and Kumki were produced by Subash under his banner. Vazhakku Enn received various awards under the category of the best film which are Filmfare award, silver lotus award under national awards and was also nominated for SIIMA under the same category. Likewise, Kumki was also nominated as best film for 2013 Filmfare awards and won the 2013 SIIMA as the best film. 2014 was another great year for Subash. He got a chance to work with Santosh Sivan on his next feature Inam. Written and directed by Santosh the film is based on a group of teenage orphans during the civil war in Sri Lanka. Released on 28th March the picture got a positive response from its viewers. Manja Pai and Anjaan are his other productions of 2014. Uttama villain, a romantic drama, and Rajini Murugan, an action comedy are his releases of 2015. His latest work is Idamporulyaeval which is set to release on 27th may this year.

N Subash Chandrabose Tamil Actor