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Kannadasan is an eminent prolific writer and poet. He was born on 24 June 1927. He was born in Sirukoodalpatti, a remote village in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu. He is one among the eight children of his Father Satthappanar and Mother Visalaatchi. He studied up to the eighth standard. He got attracted to Tamil Epics and Literature from his childhood. He came to Chennai at the age of 14. He suffered and struggled without food and shelter. He slept on the beach side of Marina using his briefcase as a pillow for several days. Kannadasan fathered 13 kids in all, by his three wives. He was called “King of Poets” for his dedicated contribution to the Tamil Film Industry. Most of his songs contain life sentences, which motivates one’s potential and courage. He sang 100s of songs for the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. ‘ M G Ramachandran M G Ramachandran was a demigod for his fans. And h >> Read More... ’ and renowned actor Dr. ‘ Sivaji Ganesan The Honorable Mr. Ganesan was the second son in hi >> Read More... ’.  His specialty in his songs was the choice of words and simplicity. He wrote a lot of notable books in Tamil which includes Sivappukal Mukkuththi, Ayirangaal Mandapam, and Oru Kavingnanin Kadhai.

Kannadasan wrote two remarkable autobiographies. The autobiography named “Vanavasam” was written at the time he was an atheist with the DMK party. This book is about his past life. The other one is named “Manavasam”. This book is about his life after he left DMK. He was the greatest admirer of Kambar (An eminent Tamil poet). He wrote many poems praising the legendary poet. His book “Arthamulla Indu Matham” was based on spiritual concepts about Hindu Religion. He acted in few Tamil movies which include Ratha Thilagam, Suryakanthi, and Parasakthi.

He got the Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize for his novel “Cheraman Kadali”. He was honored with the Best Song Composer Award from both the State and Central Governments. His lyrics are most famous in the Tamil film Industry. He has written 5000 lyrics, 6000 poems, and 232 books. Kannadasan worked in Thiraioli and Thirumagal magazine. He has bestowed with the title Kavingar by ‘M. Karunanidhi’ in Pollachi in a public meeting. His birth name was Muthiah. He changed his name after the revolutionist ‘Jalakandapuram Kannan’. He wrote the Yesu Kaviyam in a poetic way. Kannadasan was the Poet Laureate of the Tamil Nadu Government. Kannadasan was a keen observer. He was the first person to win the National Award for the Best Lyrics.

Kannadasan died when he went to visit a Tamil Conference in Chicago. He died on October 17, 1981 in the United States. His Sirikoodalpatti home is a memorial Tamil Film’s music evergreen favourites. In 1992, Kannada Commemoratory Museum got inaugurated on October 21. 

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