Tamil Poet ( 0 - 10 )

Perumal Rasu

Muhammed Metha





Na. Muthukumar

Hansika Motwani


Poet Is A Writer That Writes Poems As A Way Of Expression

A Poet Is A Writer That Writes Poems As A Way Of Expression. Poets Use Various Poetic Devices To Convey Their Thoughts And Ideas To Their Readers. Writing Poetry Varies From Person To Person Depending On Their Preferred Genres, Writing Skills, Creativity, And Styles.

There Are Various Types Of Poems That Are Written By Poets Namely – Sonnets, Couplets, Acrostics, Free Verses, Etc. Different Forms Of Poetry Have Their Own Characteristic Essence That Attracts The Readers. They Use Poetic Devices Like Oxymoron, Hyperbole, Metaphor, Irony To Make Their Thoughts Come Across To Their Audience. Poems Can Also Be Categorized On The Basis Of Topics That They Are Related To Like Wars Etc.

Tamil Rhymes Are Also Considered As Poems. Tamil Poets Are Accountable For Some Of The Most Delectable Poems Of All Times. Poets Have The Ability To Entrance People In The Web Of Their Words. Poetry Writing Is Considered As One Of The Most Difficult Forms Of Writing. Many Poets Use Mockery As Their Writing Style To Create An Impact On Their Audience. Poetries May Or May Not Have A Definite Meaning And Depends On The Readers How They Perceive It.