M J Shriram is a South Indian Singer and actor. He started his journey in Coimbatore. He is famous for his folk songs in the south and his inspirational icons. His wife Srilekha Parthasarathy Srilekha Parthasarathy is a playback singer in Tam >> Read More... Srilekha Parthasarathy is also a South Indian folk singer, who is known for her versatile singing.

The multitalented actor and singer’s, success did not come easy. It was the pure dedication and hard work that made him what he is today. M J Shriram, an actor, and singer who has excelled in South India with his Music got inspiration from S P Balasubramanyam and Ilayaraja, two most popular South Indian music icons.

South Indians enjoy music a lot, and with two existing amazing singers already, M J Shriram has done an amazing job of excelling as a singer. The two music icons’ songs were played almost every week, and that is what inspired him to venture into music.

He used to sing their songs at shows during mid-week, in both Tamil and Telugu. He sang their songs for a couple of years. With the advice of S P Balasubramaniam, he started singing more varieties. He did a decent job of singing their songs in a versatile way and also tried new styles of music.

He is not only famous in the field of singing, but he is also a very graceful actor. He had acted in a film and in a TV series as well. He did a great job in both and proved his talent. He raised audiences’ expectations, by doing very well in different genres.

He acted in a film called “Vellaiya Irukkaravan Poi Solla Maattan” which was a dark comedy film. He got the role of an IAS officer, who was the antagonist. He aced the negative role with his talent. He also acted in a television series called “ Thamarai Thamarai (English: Lotus), is a Tamil soap opera t >> Read More... Thamarai ,” in which he was seen in an all-new look. He had to grow his beard for that series, which lasted for around six months.

So, he changed not just his way of singing, but also, his style as well as acting. Although he has done all these shows and films, he never quit on his soul interest- singing. He continues South Indian Folk music and is practicing different styles.

He is forever grateful to Ilayaraja and S P Balasubramaniam for giving him amazing opportunities and advising him towards a bright future and has given them the tributes by singing their original songs and modified ones as well.