Birthday: 1963
Date of death: 18-05-2007

Jyothi was a highly famous and respected actress in the southern part of Indian industry. She had appeared in numerous amounts of films in almost all south Indian languages ranging from Tamil to Malayalam to Telugu. Jyothi was born in the year 1963. Jyothi was known famously as the leading lady to the God of the South Indian Film Industry, Rajinikanth. She is known for her exceptional acting skills and also for the huge amount of films that she has done in her span of life. Jyothi has been credited to have appeared in almost 50 movies in various South Indian languages. Jyothi was married while she was catering to her career in the film industry. However, after several irreconcilable differences she and her husband thought it best to spilt ways and they started living separately.

They also had a daughter together. After their divorce, Jyothi started living with her daughter in the suburban area of Neelangari. Jyothi made her debut in Tamil movies by appearing in a film named Payanangalil. She appeared in movies like Puthukavithai, which was released on 11th of June in the year 1982. This movie was a remake of the movie in the Kannada language which was named Naa Nina Mareyalare and had Rajinikanth in it too and was directed by SP Muthuraman. She won a Filmfare Award (Telugu) for the best actress for her role in the movie Vamsa Vruksham. Jyothi was diagnosed with breast cancer and was receiving rigorous treatments for a long time. She, however, stopped responding to the treatments that she was given, and her condition started becoming critical with time. She finally died on 18th of May in the year 2007 when she was only 44 years old. She was later given a ceremonial cremation in Besant Nagar Crematorium. She proved to be a big loss for the South Indian industry after her death.

Another Version of this Bio..

Jyothi was a South Indian film actress born in Chennai. She gave her mark in 50 films and is well known for her films ‘Puthukavithai’ and ‘Rail Payanangalil’.

She acted in the films named Toorpu Velle Railu (1979), Vamsa Vruksham (1980), Sattam Sirikiradhu (1982), Aa Divasam (1982), Koritharicha Naal (1982), Swarnna Gopuram (1984), Raman Sreeraman (1985), Parthen Rasithen (2000), Kadai Pokkal (2001) and, Ullam Kogai Poguthae (2001). Jyothi won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her Telugu film Vamsa Vruksham.

She passed away when she was 44 years old as a result of breast cancer. She was a divorcee and was staying with her daughter at the Subarbban Naalangarai. Her body was cremated at Besant Nagar crematorium.