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Veerendra Chowdhary

When Veerendra Choudhary got married to his long-time girlfriend, the glamorous ceremony was no less than a scene from a fairytale. However, it’s not a fairy tale but a love story that eventually took the turn of marital bliss. Actor Namitha said Veer is her best friend and a good producer and actor too. She found her soulmate at last! On November 24, 2017, Veer got married to his girlfriend Namitha in Tirupati. Happily, ever after, that’s what they say, right? Now they've found the one to live out all of their days with, and their search for a real-life partner came to a beautiful end. Often our views of what love are coming from the different stories we've read or watched television series or films. Their marriage made us believe that fairytales do exist. Namitha in her Kanjeevaram wedding saree looked drop dead gorgeous. Her gold necklace sets complemented her ethnic bridal attire, making her look like a diva on her D-day. Veer was no less as he matched her lady-love in a traditional south Indian groom attire. Veer happens to be a Tamil actor who has starred with Namitha in horror thriller Miya. The couple, didn’t deliver this news but Namitha's colleague Big Boss star Raiza Wilson.  Razia along with other contestants of Big Boss revealed the news for Namitha’s fans and Indian audiences that Namitha is getting married to Veer. Reports suggest that Veer proposed to her after he arranged a candlelight dinner. The actress said that Veer is her best friend and her soulmate. He is an aspiring actor and producer and it should be noted that this alliance is an arranged love marriage. It seems her best friend Sashidhar Bubu introduced Veer to her in September 2016. When Veer proposed to her, the actress was flabbergasted! What made her say 'yes' to this alliance? It seems both of them had the same life goals, same likes, and dislikes. The similarity was that both loved traveling, especially trekking and had an undying love for nature, animals and both were passionate about life itself. In the last three months, the actress understood him totally and the only reason she said 'yes' to his proposal because she felt blessed to be with someone who made her his priority. Hence, the actress sought people's blessings! Actress Namitha was born with both beauty and good wealth, and she developed great fame with her talent. A great love took her away to a real-life fairyland and that too as a real-life princess. Through it all, Veer’s bride never lost her South Indian culture from her life! God bless the couple!


Dhruv Vikram

Indians have always been curious about the children of actors and actresses. Media too gives them a lot of attention and almost expects them to follow in their parents' footsteps. While some choose to pursue the same profession as their parents, some don't. Dhruv Vikram falls in the former category. He is an upcoming Tamil actor and the son of a prominent superstar Vikram. He was born in the year 1995, to his mother Shailaja Balakrishnan in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Dhruv also has a sister named Akshita who is elder to him and is married to Manu Ranjith, great-grandson of Karunanithi, a politician. His father had started to work in the industry three years before the birth of Dhruv. Though Dhruv spent his childhood in Chennai, the rising fame of his father compelled his family to send him to London for further education so that he could stay away from the limelight and lead a mundane life. They enrolled him in one of the prestigious educational institutes of London, England. While in Chennai, Dhruv studied in American International School. He has also done a course in acting from The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, New York, United States of America. Since his younger days, Dhruv was interested in acting, which his father was quick to observe it. While he was a student, Dhruv created several Dubmash videos, wherein he would re-enact a famous dialogue or song. He released all of the recordings on YouTube, an international recording-sharing website. Within a short while, all of them became viral. Dhruv also donned the hat of a director for a short film named ‘Goodnight Charlie’, which was a thriller with the backdrop of child abuse. Whenever Vikram would make a public appearance, media would always ask about his son's career plans. Finally, putting all the speculation to rest, Vikram announced that he had bought the rights of ‘Arjun Reddy’, one of the highest-grossing movies of the south. Dhruv will step into the shoes of Vijay Deverakonda who starred in the original movie and had the world at his feet with his acting. Ace filmmaker Bala will direct the project and the makers have decided to call it ‘Varma’. On November 10, 2017, Vikram released the poster of the film on his social media sites. It featured Dhruv on it. Dhruv also helped his father get into the skin of his character for the movie named ‘Iru Mugan’.

Dhruv Vikram Tamil Actor