Mathew Varghese

Other names of Mathew Varghese: Varghese Mathew

Mathew Varghese is a South Indian Film producer and actor. He has done a lot of work in the Kannada film industry. With his confident acting and charismatic personality, he is hard to miss on the big screen. Mathew has produced many films, a few popular ones including, ‘MAFIA CHAPTER 1’, ‘ISPADE RAJAVUM ITHAYA RANIYUM’, ‘CHAMBAL’ and ‘MASTER’ (yet to release) and many more such movies.

Mathew has also done an impressive job in movies as a supporting actor. Some of his most popular roles may include: ‘ACHAM YENBATHU MADAMAIYADA’ (2016) as Simbu’s father, ‘ADANGA MARU’ (2018), and ‘MEYADHA MAAN’ (2017) as Madhu’s father, Subramani.