Kalesh Ramanand is an actor, director. Scriptwriter and singer He made is debut in 2016 and rose to fame through his works like ‘Moments in Twilight’ (2018) and ‘Kerala Paradiso’ (2016). He is an alumnus of the SDV Central School, Kerala. He has been a singer for AR Rahman for two years. His first music album was in Malayalam.

His short film ‘The Surreal’, has been selected for the Cannes International Film Festival 2014 in Paris. His first feature film in Malayalam called ‘Kunjananthante Kada’ was critically appreciated and was felicitated in the International Film Festival of India, the only government authorised film festival in India.

He came into the theatre by joining the Evam Theatre Group and worked with well-known personalities like Karthik Kumar as well as T.M. Karthik. He was the only Indian actor to be inducted into the Young Actor’s Club at Cannes 2014. The plot of his famous work, ‘Moments in Twilight’ is interesting.

One day at the twilight time, ex-sweethearts unintentionally meet at a bistro when they are with other persons. Their inner self and emotional burden do not let them go up against each other. They start chatting to each other again and the story rotates around the memory of their enthusiastic injury and the sentimentality of being enamoured.

They wind up finding the reasons behind the failure of their relationship. Post-Cannes, he started working on an overture to a Tamil feature film called ‘The Social Experiment’. In a special address by Kalesh SR, in his school, SDV Central School, Kerala, on the annual day, 2014, on the topic: Living the Dream, he said, “If you have succeeded in your career, the actual struggle starts then...to sustain your success.”.

He further said, while motivating the students on pursuing their dreams and not gin=ving up despite all hurdles and bottlenecks that, “When I think of hurdles, and when I think of a lot of odds that are being stacked upon my path, I actually would like to tell you that if you think of these hurdles as bridges and if you cross these hurdles you will get that much closer to your goal.” From singing to scriptwriting to directing and acting, Kalesh Ramanand is an amassment of talent and he believes that since God has blessed him with so much talent he should do justice to it by making a career out of it.