Rokesh Tamil Actor
Other Skills
    - Lyricist

Rokesh is a Tamil lyricist, who is well known for his song lyrics containing typical Madras words. His first song was "Danga Maari Oodhari" from the movie Anegan directed by K.V.Anand,the music was composed by Harris Jayraj. That was his first break in the Tamil industry, and after that, he has been just super hit. He was born in the year 1993. He was a high school dropout. At the age 19, he started writing lyrics as a hobby. Rokesh was interested in the film industry and his neighbour Dilip promised him a chance to sing. But he betrayed him. However, his writings improved over the years. To meet his daily expenses he worked as a machine operator in Parry area of Chennai.

He started writing the Gana albums and successful collaborations with his friend Balachander. He would write about anything or everything, he would write songs while travelling to his work, or just sitting on his veranda. He enjoys the most to write at his friends home in Vyasarpadi. Sonner word of his word was reached out; In 2015 K.V.Anand was looking for someone to write Gana song for the movie Anegan starring Dhanush. Rokesh’s friend Muthu called him to inform him that a Director wanted to meet him, he thought it was fake, and he was just playing a prank on him. That month he had used his quota of leave so it was difficult for him to go.

His friend pleaded him to meet K.V.Anand and he finally agreed to meet him. He took a leave much to the disappointment of his employer. He was surprised to be in K.V.Anand’s office and his dreams were actually becoming real. K.V.Anand the director, Harris Jayraj the music director of the movie gave him a CD which had a single track –the tune of the song to be composed. The content was simple to him; to write Gana song with words appropriate to slums in 1970's. Barely a day later, Rokesh called K. V. to tell him that he had the lyrics ready. The director was surprised at his work, requested him to take an extra day and come with two more options. Rokesh replied that he already have 6 options ready.

At the first time, the director or the composer didn’t understand the lyrics to the songs because they were too local or too real. He had learned those words from his ‘aaya’ who had once shouted at him by saying “Poda danga maari!" means a person who doesn't have a strong stance. He was paid a lump sum of Rs.20000, hereafter he left his job as a machine operator and became a full-time lyricist The song was a super hit and he started getting an offer for various movies. In the year 2015, a song from the movie Maari, called “BaguluOdayamDagulu Mari” was also written by him and Anirudh Ravichandercomposed the music. Then he did the song “Dandanaka” from the movie Romeo and Juliet, composer D.Imman,the song was pictured on J.M.Ravi.

He also did a song for the movie Trisha Illana Nayanthara. His level of writing went on increasing and offers started to pour in, he would take few songs and would give the best out of it. From the movie Vedalam starring Ajith, he wrote a song called "Aaluma Doluma" which was a superhit and was trending in the top 20 songs for that year. The composer of the movie was again Anirudh Ravichander. Then in 2016 he did a great song for the movie Theri starring Vijay composed by G.V. Prakash Kumar, which has been well appreciated by the audience. Currently, his song "Tharumaaru Thakaalisoru" from the movie Veera Sivaji is under wraps and will be soon released.