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Lawrence Kishore is an Indian film editor, working in the Tamil film Industry. He was a former assistant to the film editor T S Suresh, Lawrence Kishore made his debut in ‘ Nisabdham Click to look into! >> Read More... Nisabdham ’. But, it was ‘ Aval Click to look into! >> Read More... Aval ’ that stoked flames of curiosity even before its release. ‘Aval’ only could make general public or the cine viewers understand that there was so much brain work in the editing.

Born on May 22, 1990, Lawrence had a knack for graphic design. So he had opted to complete his under-graduation in Visual Communication (VISCOM) at the Loyola College, Chennai and did complete even an animation course at MAAC. To be precise, his music teacher told him to join VISCOM. That is how his journey started. Basically, he is a piano player. In college, he used to edit short films.

Later on, he set his foot in the film industry and had assisted a veteran film editor T.S. Suresh, and have worked with him in several films such as ‘ Vanakkam Chennai Click to look into! >> Read More... Vanakkam Chennai ’ (2013), ‘ Vaalu Click to look into! >> Read More... Vaalu ’ (2015), ‘ Irumbu Kuthirai Click to look into! >> Read More... Irumbu Kuthirai ’ (2014) and ‘ Inam Click to look into! >> Read More... Inam ’ (2013) as an associate to T.S. Suresh. After having a long association with T. S. Suresh, Lawrence Kishore became an independent editor in a Tamil short film ‘ Nishabdham Click to look into! >> Read More... Nishabdham ’ (2017). 'Noorondu Nenapu' was another feature film in Kannada that he worked as an independent Editor which released in 2017.

Frankly speaking, Lawrence Kishore was in hunt out for a good subject and got a chance to do his first film ‘ Nishabdam Bio coming soon >> Read More... Nishabdam ’. ‘Nishabdam’ is a critically acclaimed him with child abuse which did not have a big reach. Earlier too, Lawrence kept him busy by cutting (editing) the trailer of T S Suresh. Latest Release "Aval" gave him a big break in Tamil and simultaneously he was debuting in Hindi & Telugu with the film "The House Next Door" & "Gruham". He is currently working on Krithika Udhayanidhi's " Kaali Click to look into! >> Read More... Kaali ” and Vikram Prabhu's untitled film.

Yes, it was ‘Aval’ (a Tamil horror flick) that had capitulated him to a height where the pitch of editing was a bit tough job in general. Lawrence was taken into board with a great confidence as he was recommended to the crew of ‘Aval’ by none other than Santosh Shivan.

The editor had a wonderful experience in editing ‘Aval’. When he met the director Milind Rau who was an assistant director of Mani Ratnam, Milind had given him a show-reel of Siddharth to edit which had a scary scene in the beginning. Since the film was screened in Hindi too, Lawrence’s knowledge in Hindi was a plus point to get this multi-lingual project ‘Aval’ (Hindi and Telugu). Lawrence studied in KV school and so he had a good proficiency in the Hindi language.

The first show-reel of the movie which the director Milind had given to Lawrence was already a bit edited with a back ground score and CGI techniques. Lawrence grasped that Milind was a good technician at his first watch of the show-reel that was given to him. This inspired Lawrence to do more for the horror movie 'Aval' and he started watching more horror-oriented movies of Hollywood. Editor Lawrence feels to scissor the horror movies is a bit tough task. He has the idea that one must put and listen to the sound and then judge how to delete a frame out of it or even retain it. Thus editing of ‘Aval’ became a learning experience for Lawrence Kishore.

Lawrence was damn sure of the underwater scene of 'Aval' that needed his attention. Plus the film had some professional prosthetics makeup designer like Preetisheel Singh who made the footage of the frame to appear as a ghost for editing purpose. Basically, the scary scenes of the movie that include the water and window scenes were known to Lawrence but yet CGI was needed to be added in portion. Aval's flashback scenes were the most challenging for Lawrence as an editor who had to visualize the scene of a psychotic character which was justified totally by dialogues. This helped Lawrence to get the visual images and do some transition works in editing. For Lawrence, the second half of ‘Aval’ was really a challenging task.

To understand the 'Aval' movie well, Siddharth had traveled a lot with the director while shooting was in process. He watched Shreyaas Krishna capturing the scenes in his cinematographic charm and this has taken the movie to a different level altogether. Every technical aspect of 'Aval' like camera framing, sound techniques, VFX teamwork etc. have taken the film to the next level. Everything has paid off well at last. Lawrence has received best compliments from Siddharth after the film had completed,

After ‘Aval’, the editor Lawrence Kishore wants to do films of all genre. He longs to do an art film. He wholeheartedly accepted the fact that such huge applause after ‘Aval’ was not possible for any commercial cinema. Since ’Aval ‘was a horror thriller, the output has paid off literally. His dream is to work in a Thalapathy Vijay’s film. Lawrence is working for Vijay Antony now. The film editor wants to handle now projects of Gautham Menon and Murugadoss even. He loves to handle love theme movies too.

Lawrence is now working for Vijay Antony’s upcoming movie ‘Kaali’ which is a commercial movie where one can see the actor Vijay playing four type of roles. It was Krithika Udhayanidhi who had referred Lawrence to Vijay Antony. Kirthika had produced a transgender album song for Santhosh Narayanan which was edited by Lawrence. When Lawrence had met Vijay Antony, Vijay gave him a sequence of the movie to edit. Seeing Lawrence's work. Vijay Antony was happy and wanted him to work as a film editor for ‘Kaali’. It is said Vijay Antony wanted Lawrence to edit a few part of scenes from ‘Annadurai’ too. As Vijay himself had done the whole part of editing and was looking forward to trailer release of the movie 'Annadurai', Lawrence was invited to the board to join the ’Kaali‘ team.

If blessings God or mother is really important to one’s life and career, then Lawrence is no exception to it. He seeks more such blessings for future too. He owes a lot of gratitude to his viewers which is also a part and parcel of his life.

Another version Of Bio: 

Lawrence Kishore is a Tamil film director. He was born in Chennai, on May 22, 1990. He completed his graduation in Visual Communication from Loyola College, Chennai. He always had a passion for graphic designing.

He even did a course in animation. During his college days, Lawrence would help the film's society to edit their short films. So, it can be said that his journey as an editor began in his college days. After completing his undergraduate course, he started his journey in the Tamil film industry as an assistant to the veteran film director, T. S. Suresh. Lawrence worked under him for several months.

"Vanakkam Chennai," "Vaalu," and "Inam" were some projects in which he worked upon as an assistant to T. S. Suresh. After securing much experience in the field of editing, he began his journey as an independent film editor.

Lawrence's first project as an unconnected editor was 2017, "Nishabdham." The film is a social drama directed by Michael Arun. The movie deals with the sensitive theme of child abuse. In 2017 itself he made his debut in the Kannada cinema with, "Noorondu Nenapu." The movie that got Lawrence fame and fortune was 2017, "Aval."

The film is a horror thriller. It was simultaneously shot in three different languages, "Aval" in Tamil, "The House Next Door" in Hindi, and "Graham" in Telugu. Editing the picture was a wonderful experience for Lawrence. His knowledge of the Hindi language was an added advantage to the project.

To make sure that he would give his best shot to the project, Lawrence watched a lot of horror movies to understand the entire procedure. Thus, editing "Aval" became a learning experience for him. The film received a positive acknowledgment from the audiences. The motion picture was Lawrence's debut in the Hindi and Telugu cinema.

With time and experience, he started working in films from distinct film industries and made a name for himself in the cinema. In 2017, the editor also worked upon the Tamil Drama, "Senjittale End Kadhala." Another significant project he worked upon was 2018, "Kaali." The film is a Tamil period drama directed by K. Udhayanidhi.

The film was simultaneously released as "Kaali," in the Tamil language. The editor has made his name in various film industries owing to his hard work, dedication, and talent. Lawrence now desires to work on some comedy and art films. His thirst to work in movies of distinct genres shows his passion for his work.