Athiappan Siva is a Tamil film editor celebrated for his editorial ventures, ‘ Avam Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ (2016) and ‘ Pappali Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ (2014). Although his association with big-budget films is obscure, he seeks to achieve prominence by editing worthy, albeit less profitable, films. He credits his current reputation as an editor to Pappali, the first film in which he involved himself as an editor.

Siva was born in the small town of Salem in Tamil Nadu. His mother-tongue is Tamil. He was not initially set forth towards attaining a career in the entertainment industry. To get away from his mundane lifestyle, he navigated himself to Chennai in search of work. He found his first break in the form of Pappali (2014), which did not gain affirmative response from the viewership. Directed by an amateur, ‘ A Govindamoorthy A Govindamoorthy is an Indian Film Director and Ac >> Read More... ’, the film was charged to have lacked technical finesse. The film belonged to the genre of comedy and it was released on July 11, 2014. The film’s disastrous performance at the box office did not hinder critics from analyzing the artistic dexterity of Siva’s editing. The film featured Senthil Kumar and Ishara Nair Ishara Nair is an Indian- based South Indian actre >> Read More... as the lead characters. The director of photography, Vijay C Kumar, did not prove to be competent enough.

Siva’s second editorial venture is to be displayed on the big screen in September, 2016. The film titled Avam, employs Siva’s unflinching and unconventional expertise in its creation. Avam (2016) features an ostensible music album consisting of a song sung by the legendary Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... . Siva’s astonishing amount of editorial knowledge and vigour polishes the film. Casting newcomers like ‘ Gaurav Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... ’ and Kavya Shetty Kavya Shetty is another Mangalorean actress in San >> Read More... as the protagonists, Avam piques the interests of the public with its plot. The storyline depicts the tale of a young entrepreneur seeking to conquer the business world with his grit and intelligence; however, he falls in love with his colleague leading to a series of unfortunate events that upturn his world.

Siva is extremely secretive and tends to avoid the public eye. He believes in working alone and did not use the service of assistants while filming Avam. He is presently situated in Chennai. He does not disclose his exact location. He is happily married but keeps his spouse’s identity concealed. He is a caring and kind individual who lives life to the fullest. He is very close to his family. He does not hold any stance about falling into mainstream movie-making any time soon. He has attended the Ponge Ezhu Manohara Click to look into! >> Read More... press meet as a spokesperson.

Janaki Vishwanathan Tamil Actress

Janaki Vishwanathan

Janaki Viswanathan is a ‘Tamil’ director. She is a notable alumnus of ‘Madras University’. She owns an M. Com degree in accounting from ‘Ethiraj College’, ‘Chennai’. She was initially a journalist, she progressed slowly into the films later. She worked for a TV network before she stepped into the film industry. She then dabbled in the documentaries she had. ‘Santosh Sivan’ , her last interviewee suggested to step into the film industry. Then she came across the novel ‘Kutty’ by ‘Sivasanskari’. She then released her first ever film ‘Kutty’, a Tamil movie in the year 2001. This film is all about a child who got forced to work in an urban house after her father passed away. The character in the movie is desperate, it ends with an anticipated face on the purse of seeing her mother again. The film had a great cast including ‘Nasser’ and ‘Ramesh Aravind’. The film was framed so good, it grabbed the ‘Special International Jury Prize’ at the International Children’s Festival in Cairo, Egypt. National awards include ‘Silver Lotus Award’, as the best child artist to ‘P.Shwetha’. Shwetha brought the character lively on the screen. Janaki received Silver Lotus Award, as the director of the film ‘Kutty’. In 2012, she filmed another movie ‘Om Obama’, this movie is a village which transforms economically after a foreign garment unit was set nearby the village. The villagers come to know that president is up for US presidential elections, they pray for his success. So, this could benefit both the garment industry and village economy. Finally, in the year 2014, she released her third film and this is her Bollywood debut named “Yeh Hai Bakrapur”, which means this is Goat-city. This film is all about a family and their pet goat named ‘Shahrukh’. With the consequences, they come through the goat becomes a Rockstar in the village. This movie had good cast ‘Anshuman Jha’, ‘Asif Basra’



Anthony is the popular editor, who has worked in super hit films of the top stars and also with the numero uno directors. Anthony is a jovial person, who moves with his colleagues and his directors in a friendly way. Anthony started his movie career with the Tamil film Kaaka Kaaka directed by Gautham Menon and featured by Suriya Sivakumar and Jyothika Saravanan. Anthony was initially approached to edit Ennai Konjam Maatri song in Kaaka Kaaka. He completed the work in one night and sent it to Gautham. Impressed Gautham gave him a big opportunity to Anthony to edit the film. Before editing the films, Anthony was working in Ad films, documentaries and music videos. Anthony says that he has been a learner although he has crossed more than a decade in the film industry. Till now, Anthony has worked in more than 200 films in almost all the popular film industries. He has worked with “Silambarasan,” “S. J. Surya,” “A R Murugadass” and “S Shankar.” Anthony has got a lot of experience in the field and he is used to both the old and latest technologies in his editing field. Anthony has gained experience in story telling too. Besides being a successful editor, Anthony has worked as a director too. He has directed a film titled, Oru Naal Iravil, featuring “Sathyaraj” and Yugi Sethu in the lead roles. It is the remake of the super hit Malayalam film, “Shutter” featuring “Lal” and “Sreenivasan” in the main roles. The experienced editor says that there is no end to the technology. Yes of course, he is working in Endhiran 2, which has been shot in 3D camera. Anthony is an ardent fan of “K V Anand,” the technically experienced cinematographer. Anthony has also acted in a minor role in Suriya and Jyothika starrer, Sillunu Oru Kadhal. Anthony has received a lot of awards for his editing. But, he says that the appreciation from the audiences is the best award for him. Aamir Khan’s appreciation for editing in Ghajini is the best ever appreciation received, says Anthony.

Anthony Tamil Actor