Sasikumaran is an Indian Movie Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer and Lyricist, and most of his parts, works in Tamil Industry. Born on 10th August, 1945 Sasikumaran completed his graduation from Loyola College, Chennai in Visual Communication.

The director started his career in the film industry by assisting Malayalam, film director TV Chandran for his film, Aadum Koothu. Aadum Koothu is a Tamil film that released in 2005. The film was critically praised and also received National Film award for the Best Feature Film in Tamil.

Sasikumaran has also worked as a cinematographer for the title song of Chennai 600028 which is a debut venture of Venkat Prabhu. Later he worked with the well-known movie director and actor SJ Surya for his film Komaram Puli. In this Telugu action film, he worked as a Screenplay Associate.

The film was released on 10th September 2010 and was renamed as Puli later. After this, Sasikumaran started working as a co-director for the movie Urumi. Urumi is a Malayalam, Indian Historical Drama film of Santosh Sivan that released in 2011. The film was a hit and won various awards. Following this, Sasikumaran wrote Tamil version of Urumi which was praised by critics.

Besides the conventional cinema, Sasikumaran has also done cinematography in various Documentaries such as Lives of Indian Stuntmen and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He has also done some documentaries on  National Geographic Channel and History TV18.

Presently, Sasikumaran has completed his work on his Debut film Papparapaam. It is an upcoming Tamil film directed, produced as well as written by Sasikumaran. The film is a Fictional Biography and is inspired by a life of a man who wakes up at his funeral.

In this movie, Sasikumaran has also shown his skills of photography and editing. Since he has done majorly everything, he says that this film of his also contains a bit of everything. It is a dramedy which tells about the life of a man from 1974 to 2016.