Raj Babu is a film director, who has worked mainly in the Malayalam movie industry. He has worked in popular movies like Sei, Sadharanakkaran. He is a well-known director in Mollywood and has directed films like The Speed Track in 2005, Bharathchandran I.P.S in 2003, C.I.D. Moosa in 2002, Sivam in 1999, Deepasthambham Mahascharyam in 1998, Chitrashalabham in 1994, and many more.

He has also worked as an assistant director in many Malayalam films in the 1990s. He has his official twitter account on the social media platform. His recent film Sei was a hit in the box office and has got good reviews from the audience. 

S N Sakthivel Tamil Actor

S N Sakthivel

S.N. Sakthivel is a Kollywood director and writer. He made movies like 'Ivanuku Thannila Gandam' and made a debut in Kollywood. The film was a comedy genre movie, and V. Venkatraj produced the film. The film features Deepak Dinkar and Neha Ratnakaran, who made her debut with this movie in the lead roles. It was a story of a TV anchor who faced some tough situations in both his professional and personal life. Rajendran also plays a supporting role who provided comic relief to the movie. The film needed a better screenplay and many edits of unwanted sub-plots, as pointed out by many critics. Sakthivel also wrote the story of the movie. The satellite rights of the film were sold to Polimer TV. The film released in 2015. Venkatesan was the cinematographer, A. L. Ramesh did the editing and A7 composed the music. Sakthivel’s movie boasted a stellar soundtrack and strong performances from the ensemble cast. So, why has Sakthvel directed one film so far? If he is not directing, he's also may be one who probably has scripts holding up for a long time. Hopes are that he will try to slip into the territory within a year or so once again. Filmmaking is a tough job; it needs high budget nowadays and even as the film industry demands it basic needs its return on investment members. It’s somewhat surprising that Sakthivel only worked behind the camera once—even though he knew the craft. In this movie, actor Rajendran gave one of the most comic performances of his screen career and kept his cast on-pace. 'Ivanuku Thannila Gandam' is about the dozens of TV anchors who face a hard time in the profession that accumulates to make life in the city miserable, and the tone of the film is defined by some murder as the leading character’s plan spins out of control. This is a nutty movie with a call center. Too bad it wasn’t the first debut from a director like Sakthivel either.