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Puvi N Aravindh Tamil Actor

Puvi N Aravindh

Puvi N Aravindh seen in Azhagiya Tamil Magal which is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language TV soap opera featuring Sheela Rajkumar, and Anju Aravind. It is a re-creation of the Telugu dialectal tv sequence Mutyala Muggu which broadcasted on Zee Telugu from 2016. The series marks Puvi Arasu's first minor screen central role since 2014. It is presently airing on Zee Tamil every single Monday to Friday commencing from 28th August 2017 at 19:00 (IST). The tale of village lassie Poongkodi a kabaddi match that will transform her life and take her to Chennai to a sponsored schooling and follow further educations. The show is a love story of Poongkodi (Sheela Raj Kumar) who is a kabaddi and Bharatnatyam fanatic who dreams of shining in the field of athletics and follow further educations. However, the unpleasant past of Poonkodi's mom grasps Poonkodi behind from going all out in a big way. Poongkodi's educator and her granddad push her to part a kein a kabaddi competition that will transform her life and take her to Chennai to fund schooling and chase higher studies. She is dragged down by her competitor Deepika (Subalakshmi Rangan) whom she later comes to identify as her half-sister. Poongkodi goes through various arguments. How her life alters after the facts are revealed and how it shakes the entire household forms the core of the story. He sends off pregnant Laxmi with all the personal jewelry. Laxmi sacrifices the jewels off to Joginatham and chooses to end her life. Meanwhile, back at the plantation, Sreedhar is depressed and loses curiosity in life and jinxes out Mukkamala when he suggests that Sreedhar should wed his daughter. The freelancer then fixes up Kishtayya with Jaya Malini and advances to squeeze Mukkamala out of his wealth. After that, he takes control of several belongings that Joginatham was attempting to sell. All that's left is the Deity's Gemstones. The Raja who is distressed with the entire lifeless condition of the estate concludes to abandon the Deity's Gems at the temple and meanders the villages. He staggers upon Laxmi's kids (his grandkids), learns the truth and appeals Laxmi to come back. Laxmi declines to return back and states that this does not work with endorsements and that Sreedhar himself has to admit his blunder and reached to her and ask her to go back. The Raja with the assistance of the kids and Sreedhar's acquaintance hatch a plan to set things correct with Sreedhar and beat the freelancer at his own game.