Plot: The story is full of all the elements one expects or wants to relish in a family drama. It is a love story of a boy (Chandru Cnu) and his mate (Charvi Che

Kaadhal Kaalam Movie Review

Kaadhal Kaalam Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Kaadhal Kaalam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 27 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 30-06-2017
Genre: Romance, Drama
2 / 5.0



Plot: The story is full of all the elements one expects or wants to relish in a family drama. It is a love story of a boy (Chandru Cnu) and his mate ( Charvi Chekuri Charvi Chekuri is a Tollywood film actress. She wa >> Read More... Charvi Chekuri ). Also, it defines the relationship of today’s generation with their parents, friends, and family and how the priorities of boy and girl changed once they enter their love life. The flick showcases the love life of a young couple and how their relationship moves forward with time. It is said to be projected according to the taste of young generation to attract viewers.

Analysis: Directed by G.A.Somasundhara, ' Kaadhal Kaalam Click to look into! >> Read More... Kaadhal Kaalam ' is a flick with a different story, fabulous acting but poorly directed. One could easily make out that this story would have been stamped as a blockbuster on papers, but when executed, it loses its charm. Also, being a film with a limited budget, producers failed to bring best technicians on board. And that’s the reason that except editing, all the technical departments let us down. Newcomers have been welcomed for this flick and by God's grace they have done an outstanding job and overshadowed poor direction to some extent. Music of the movie is soothing.

Star Performances: The flick doesn't cast some big stars, and the young brigade has taken the responsibility of the film. And much against to our expectations, they have done a great job. They have put their pull power to make this a hit and their impressive performance doesn't go unnoticed. Chandru Cnu and Charvi Chekuri play the leading pair, and their chemistry is sizzling which was of utmost importance for a love story. Some supporting characters like Nithya Shetty and Jangiri Madhumitha have also done a decent job.

What's there?

 1. Youngblood i.e. young actors impress us with their skills.

2. Editing of the movie is fabulous. Where all other departments were failing, editor outshined.

3. You will also find some freshness in the storyline. Tamil film industry hasn't made a film with such a story in past.

What's not there?

 1. The background music of the flick is not at all good. It only irritates the audience.

2. 'Kaadhal Kaalam' is a low budget film and that's the reason that movie has been poorly marketed.

3. G.A.Somasundhara's direction is very poor and overshadows a good storyline.

4. Cinematography and Screenplay are also average in the flick.

Verdict: Although 'Kaadhal Kaalam' is a love story young couples won't find this so exciting. But, it’s a family entertainer and a decent one time watch.