C. Rudhraiya is a film director, who is making an impact in the entertainment milieu. His birth name is Rudraiah Chockalingam, and is born in 1947. Rudhraiya Chocklingam died on the 18th of November 2014, at 67 years old. This superstar’s legacy remains memorable to fans. Chockalingam remains an icon in the movie industry. Rudhraiya also has names like Arumugham (Arukutty).His contributions to the film industry are worth noting.

Rudhraiya Chocklingam also plays the role of a director in some movies. Rudhraiya’s talent is exceptional. He is a delight to watch in the cinema. He hails from Tamil Nadu. Chocklingam completed his 12th standard, and gained admission in Saint Joseph’s College, which is in Trichy. Rudhraiya then enrolled for the program in Economics. The superstar obtained a Bachelors Degree after a tedious process. Due to his passion for cinema, Rudhraiya gained admission to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Film Direction. He studied at an institute in Tamil Nadu.

This period marks the onset of Rudhraiya’s career as a director in the movie industry. He made his debut in the film industry through the release of “ Aval Appadithan.” Rudhraiya Chocklingam demonstrated his talent as the supervisor of this blockbuster. “Aval Appadithan” made waves in the entertainment milieu, due to the expertise of Chocklingam. “Aval Appadithan” had features that distinguish it from other great works of art in Tamil Cinema. “Aval Appadithan” mesmerized the audience. Rudhraiya Chocklingam’s success in “Aval Appadithan” was mind blowing . “Aval Appadithan” came into existence on 30th October 1978. Rudhraiya collaborated with prominent actors like Kamal Hassan and Sri Priya. In 1980, Chocklingam played the role of director in a film titled “Gramathu Athiyayam.” Rudhraiya Chocklingam supervised actors such as Nanda Kumar, Sundar, and Swamalatha. He also collaborated with Kumar Arts, who is the producer of this movie. Gurudev is the writer of “Gramathu Athiyayam.” Rudhraiya Chocklingam supervised another movie titled “Raja Ennai Mannithuvidu.’’ Director Rudhraiya collaboratesd with superstars like Chandrahassan and Sumalatha. “Raja Ennai Mannithuvidu” was in Tamil . Raja Ennai Mannithuvidu makes use of the song, “llaiyaraaja.” Unfortunately, this work of art (“Raja Ennai Mannithuvidu”) did not attain completion, due to the attitude of the actors

Bakkiyaraj Kannan Tamil Actor

Bakkiyaraj Kannan

Bakkiyaraj Kannan is the director of the much-acclaimed film ‘Remo’. Earlier, he was an associate director to Atlee, who has done many hits films in Kollywood. His first venture’ Remo’ was a different movie, where an actor playing the role of a woman. No, the film was not inspired from ‘Avvai Shanmugi’ where Kamal Haasan had dressed up in the costume of saree and played his part of the female character. However, in this movie, actor Sivakarthikeyan was dressed up as a nurse and tries to woo his lady-love. Bakkiyaraj Kannan chose a Hollywood makeup man Sean Foot to dress up the actor Sivakarthikeyan.  It is said when the director Bakkiyaraj Kannan was preparing for the project 'Remo', he met director Atlee and sought his advice for a perfect actor who can play the character of a girl, Atlee referred Sivakarthikeyan’s name. Even Bakkiyaraj Kannan had felt only then only Siva sir can do the role perfectly. Since in 60 percent of the movie, Sivakarthikeyan had to play a nurse look, it was difficult to convince the actor. There was a concern for Sivakarthikeyan taking up the nurse make-up from every member of the unit too. Before concluding Remo’s look, the director had to observe closely 16 different shades of make-up for the actor, which considered of his hairstyles, waxing his body, trimming the eyebrows etc. which had undergone various trials before arriving at a conclusion.  Even the actor had to lose 19 kgs of weight to get a body-language of a nurse. To overcome voice hurdles which must be like a woman, Sivakarthikeyan took help from Oscar Award winner Resul Pookutty. It is said that whoever had watched Siva performing the role in the set or even in outdoor locations could go spell-bound and even asked the unit members or the director who the nurse was.  P.C. Sreeram was the cinematographer who wielded his camera in a realistic manner so that the film had no loopholes even in visual. It is true the director Bakkiyaraj Kannan only could turn a Tamil hero into heroine on the screen.