N. Shanmugasundaram is a Tamil film producer well-known for producing the movie, Unnakenu Venum Sollu, which he produced in Singapore. Through this film we can describe Shanmuga and the quality of his work. Tamil is one of the languages of Singapore, along with English. There are a many Tamilians in Singapore, who reside or work there. Thus, producing the Tamil flick in Singapore was not a hard task for N. Shanmugasundaram, as many were in his favor. The Singapore Government gave a grant of SGD 39,000 to the film crew, for making the movie.

This flick is of the horror genre on a father-daughter relationship. Unnakenu Venum Sollu translates to ‘tell me what you want’ in English. The ghost of a family’s dead baby returns to haunt them as the father fails to keep the promise he made after the child was born. The movie is strategically filmed by the executive producers, Shanmuga and Srinath Ramalingam Srinath Ramalingam is a famous Sri Lankan born Tam >> Read More... Srinath Ramalingam , who say that to enter into the industry, horror is the best genre to choose. It is because it such flicks one does not need a leading heroine or a superstar to attract attention. Horror generates curiosity by itself and this is a way to enter into the industry and soon become bankable producers.

Few expect this genre as the first one to be chosen but Shanmuga is optimistic that in a country of over a billion, and a Tamil audience of over two crores, they will welcome this movie. The thirty-four year old Sundaram is barely a film old, yet he is on his way to become the next hot producer of Tollywood. This flick was shot in Chennai during August in 2016, with a budget of SGD 400,000. The actors working for the movie are Deepak Paramesh Deepak Paramesh is a Tamil actor, whose Hometown i >> Read More... Deepak Paramesh , Gunalan Morgan Three of the films he did in his lifetime became v >> Read More... Gunalan Morgan , and Jaqlene Prakash. The reviews that came for this film were positive as well as negative. But due to this Sundaram rose to fame and is keen on doing more movies.