Saravanan Abhimanyu

Other names of Saravanan Abhimanyu: Saravanan Abimonyu
Saravanan Abhimanyu Tamil Actor
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Saravanan Abhimanyu, also spelt Saravanan Abimonyu, is an Indian cinematographer. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India is where he was born. Saravanan Abhimanyu has worked previously in the Kollywood entertainment industry, with his artwork appearing in Tamil films.Movies he has worked in are Aynaran (2022), Pei Irukka Bayamen (2021), Kalavani Mappillai (2018), Eetti (2015), and Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu (2013). Etti has been one of his best-known& high rated films.

In the upcoming crime thriller 'Theeyavar Kulaigal Nadunga,' that is cinematographed by Saravanan Abhimanyu and directed by Dinesh Lakshmanan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Dinesh Lakshmanan , the core concept of the movie revolves around the story of autistic children.