S. Gopinath has worked as a cinematographer and director of photography in many Tamil films. He is one of the recognized names in Kollywood [ Tamil Film Industry ].

Before going on his own path as a cinematographer he started off his journey with one of the popular cinematographers of the industry ; Rajeev Menon. He has worked with him in few films.

He was ‘ Director of photography ‘ in the film “Thadam” [2019], which was directed by ‘Magizh Thirumeni’. His work in “Vettaikaraan” [2009] is well recognized.

He has also portrayed his talent in Dil, Dhool, Ghilli, Kuruvi and many other movies. He set his foot in Bollywood with Amit Sharma’s “Singh saab the great” [2013].

He has worked with almost all leading names of the Tamil Film Industry, Viz, Vijay, Vikram, Trisha, Vivek and many others.

His style of cinematography is quite unique and has an essence of brilliance. He’s considered to be supremely talented and surely he’s the one to watch out for in the field of cinematography.