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Loganathan Srinivasan

Loganathan Srinivasan is an Indian cinematographer. He is mainly working for Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil film industry. He has the Indian Nationality. He has two daughters. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India. His other name is Loknath. He is also the director of Photography by profession. He has started his career with Telugu Industry. Loganathan has worked in the two films with Allari Naresh. After some time, he did projects for Malayalam film Industries. He did films like Moonnamathoral in the year 2006, Annan Thambi in the year 2008, and Kurukshetra in the year 2008. Kurukshetra is a war film. He also did the Ustad Hotel in the year 2012. He has recently begun to work in Tamil films beginning with the Thotti Gang. He did various projects. He did cinematography in the Aaha Kalyanam in the year 2014, Parole in the year 2018, Thirumanam in the year 2014, Vaaliba Raja in the year 2016, Ustad Hotel in the year 2012, Annan Thambi in the year 2008, Allari in the year 2002, Lailaa O Lailaa in the year 2015, Moonamat in the year 2006. He also did another ones are like Mannavan Vatandi in the year 2017, Kurukshetra in the year 2008, Thotti Gang in the year 2002, Spanish Masala in the year 2012, Janmam in the year 2007, Pranaykalam in the year 2007, Selfie Raja in the year 2016, Bhagawan in the year 2009, Aidondla Aidu in the year 2011. Another is Satra Ko Shaadi hai in the year 2015, Vishwaguru in the year 2017, Bombay Mittayi in the year 2011, Puzhayamma in the year 2018, Soggadu in the year 2005, Amsavalli in the year 2013, and Rockstar in the year 2015. He has recently done the cinematography in Parole in this year. Director is Sharath Shandith. The editor is it for Suresh Urs. It is in the Malayalam Language. The genre is Drama. Sharrath and Ellwyn Joshua did the music direction. Antony D'cruz did the production. In Parole, lead actor has named as Alex. Century Films did the distribution. Cast includes for this project is TS Raju as Sadasivan, Aristo Suresh, Kalinga Sasi as Kali, Harsitha Pisharady, Sohan Seenulal, Vishak Nair, Ganapathi, Kalabhawan Haneef as Aani, Rony Dawid, Kalasala Babu, Hariprashanth MG as Sudarshan, Padmaraaj Ratheesh, Muthumani as Hazeena, Madan Mohan as Vinod, Prabhakar as Bullet Raghavan, Lalu Alex as SP Jacob Sam, and Irshad as Benny Chen.

Loganathan Srinivasan Tamil Actor