Eswaran Thangavel made his signature debut as an independent cinematographer in ‘ Railway Children Click to look into! >> Read More... Railway Children ’.

He found the camera work in the black form necessary for a documentary movie. In this project, he used the hand camera to shoot the railway interior and the movie was mostly shot in documentary style. He had a focus that primary and no dominant color should be seen.

The film had only a saturated film vision. There were many mid-night shoots, and it was a path-breaking shot of the movie that dealt with the lifestyle of rugged and poor kids who spend their lives in and around railway platform. His next movie was Kerala Paradiso (Malayalam movie).

He does not attach his profession to any genre that he gets his hands to do. For instance, in ‘Railway Children’ there was a de-saturated look and no dominant color was applied in the camera work. But for his second project 'Kerala Paradiso' (Malayalam movie); he used all green color and a camera which had Kerala backdrop.

He follows Robert Richardson's vision and wants to be a part of good films and not only good-looking films. Michael Chaplin once said that cinematography need not be beautiful but appropriate. He wants to follow the same path as Chaplin.  He is even ready to do the commercial films.

This man hailed from Kumarapalyam village and had a keen interest in photography. He came to Chennai to do a VISCOM course (DG BSc in Vaishnava College). Since his friends, brother, wife had given him space to work in cinema, he continued his journey.

He is a firm believer of thought; 'whatever you want to do, believe in it, go ahead and do it'. He considers Master Nallasamy sir as his guru who asked him to start participating in the photography contests.

He used to admire Santosh Sivan Santosh Sivan (born 8 February 1964) is a film dir >> Read More... Santosh Sivan since his college days and wanted to be a part of his projects. His dream was fulfilled when he got a chance to work with him in the movie 'Ravana', as an assistant cameraman. He admires the work of Santosh Sivan and praises him for his lighting works.

He even worked with cinematographer Saravanan in Alex Pandian Click to look into! >> Read More... Alex Pandian , with Sooraj Nallusami in ‘Desingu Raja’, with K. G. Venkatesh in 'Sathuranga Vettai' and with Tony Chan in 'Moodar Koodam '.