Baby Sathanya Tamil Actress

Baby Click to look into! >> Read More... Baby Sathanya was born in Chennai on July 07, in the year 2007. She is a child actor in Indian cinemas and has appeared not only in feature films but also in TV commercials and short films. Her name, which seems to be Baby Sathanya, is not her original name. Her original name is Sathanya Vijaya sundar and her parents’names are Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Deeavijay.

She started acting since she was five years old. From that age onwards she had seen her success through TV commercials. Not only that, but also she had appeared in some shows of the Chutti TV which is a channel for kids in the Tamil Language. Her success and works were not limited to commercials and films.She also had made a Tamil Dub for the movie “Baby Geniuses” which was originally in English. In the year 2013, shegot a chance to act the main role in a Tamil horror film named “Baby” under the direction of D. Suresh. After this movie had been done, she has surrounded with fame and opportunities. This movie was a break through in her film career, and now we can very well see where her name Baby Sathanya has come.

Her latest progress tells us that she has just completed the shooting of the film Veera Sivaji Click to look into! >> Read More... Veera Sivaji . She was awarded the Best actor for the short film colors, and Chutti princess offered by none other than Chutti TV where she used to appear in children-oriented shows. She got these awards in a very short time after joining the film industry. She was only ten years of age when she got her first award. She has done three short films in her career, and she has been awarded for one of them as mentioned above as Colors. The other two short films that she has acted in are Yanum Neyum and Paavai, both in a year span.

Baby Sathanya did not restrict herself to short movies only. She has done five films in her career and all of them in the Tamil language. The names of the movies are Baby, Trisha,Illeana, Nayanthara, Veera Sivaji, Nisabdham, and Kaathadi. Being only ten years of age, she has achieved a lot in her film career which is even smaller than her age, but we can expect it too shortly. She is a very talented actress who has all her life left do achieve the biggest of her dreams.