Santosh Kotkar is an Indian art director, popular amongst the regional audience for his work in movies like Tezz (2012), Tees Maar Khan(2010), Khatta Meetha Click to look into! >> Read More... (2010), Aladin (2009), Mere Baap Pehle Aap (2008), etc. Mostly known for his major involvement in Tamil and Hindi TV series, short films, and Bollywood movies, Santosh has been a prominent part of the Indian film industry for more than ten years now.

Over the years, Santosh has worked for renowned personalities like Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar was born on 9th September 1967 and hi >> Read More... , Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... , etc. Apart from that, he has often been admired and applauded by numerous critics and spectators for the remarkable creativity he showcases as an art director.

Uma Shankar Tamil Actor

Uma Shankar

Uma Shankar is an Art director in the Indian film Industry. He has extensively worked in the Tamil Cinema. He also ventured onto the path of direction for a few films. He worked on the film ‘Inbu Twinkle Lily’ in the year 2018 as an art director. The film revolved around the lives of three women who rob a bank as revenge to an old robbery taken place at the same bank where they lost their assets. The movie got directed by R.K Vidyadaran and had the star cast of Saranya Ponvannan, Korai Sarala, Kalpana Ranjani, Venniradai Moorthy, and Chitra Lakshmanan. Uma is a versatile art director with a focussed mind; he did the film Muthim Maleyali in the year 2015. The movie got directed by Manju Sagar and had the star cast of Manju Sagar, Ramanithu Chaudhary, and Jeevan as the main leads. It told the story of a young journalist who fell for a beautiful woman who is already engaged to some other guy. The whole story became more interesting with the Naxalite fight developing in the backdrop. His other film includes Vethu Vettu which got released in the year 2018. It belonged to the genre of comedy and had the star cast of Harish, Malavika Menon, Meera Krishnan, and Banda Mani in the main lead. Mani Bharathi directed the project. The core idea of the story is unique and fresh as it portrayed the story of a man who is addicted to lying and one day his habit put him in grave danger. Someone else took benefit of a lie he told his friends, and his life goes haywire because of it. Uma is a man of perseverance and sharp mind with a heart who knows to capture the beauty inside out. All his works are the output of extreme hard work and dedication towards the goal. He took another step in his career and turned into a director with the film ‘Kural 146’ in the year 2017. It was his first directorial venture in the film industry. Before this, he directed a short film which got selected for the Dada Saheb Phalke film festival and boosted his confidence. The movie with the name ‘Isha’ got so popular that they turned it into a full feature-length film. He also worked with the music director Guru Kalyan and Director of photography Christopher Joseph in many of his projects. The editor Sarathy is also one of his colleagues.