A Kerala based art designer made her way to the bright side of the industry .This didn’t happen so easy for Jayashree .Jayashree was drawn into the world of art at an young age . When Martin Parket needed a different art work for ‘’ .his obvious choice was Jayashree .

The previous work of her in ‘Nee-Na’ impressed the cinematographer Jomon and it paid the way to ‘Charlie’. She was attracted towards the light of cinema when she was in College .She was in MOP Vaishnav College of Women ,Chennai.

Her work for the movie ‘charlie ‘ was spoken a lot .she planned the art work in the perspective of Charlie who can see beauty in worn- out stuff. As a woman in south Indian film industry, it is not so easy as it seems .the only choice she had is to “just fight”. She also worked in Tamil movie ‘Pissasu’, she went to Mumbai to work for five years and worked in the movie’Nee-Na’ and then ‘Charlie’. Lately she has expressed her interest to work for Tamil movies.