Samarthya Madhaven

Other names of Samarthya Madhaven: Samarthya Nedimaram

Samarthya Madhaven, also called Samarthya Nedimaram, is an Indian Actress born and brought up in Chennai. She mainly acts in Malayalam Films. She made her acting debut through the movie “Solamente Manavatti Sofia.” Samarthya Madhvan is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer from Kalakshetra. She is appreciated for her dance performances and is well versed in them.

In 2015, Cinderella, the famous western fairy tale, was to be presented in various Indian dance forms for the first time in the country by Bharatanatyam dancer and Vaishnava research scholar Zakir Husain. Samarthya played the role of poor Cinderella dressed in a swirling skirt and top. “It is no more just a story for me,” says Samarthya. “I was selected by Zakir for the rich Cinderella role, but the challenges of performing the poor Cinderella, traveling through multi-levels of intricacies of the character enthralled the dancer in me.” She is very passionate about her dance and career and gives it her all.