Iv Junice is an Indian supporting cast actor working in the industry. He is a supporting cast actor who is waiting for his big break in this Industry. He is a talented and motivated person. He knows he has to put in good performances day in day out, and that is what he does best. Being a man of influence, he has helped many people in rural areas.

He was extremely motivated and focussed, which further helped him in his career in the long run. He has been working with an NGO for children for a few years now. He is an individual with a deep longing to pursue his enthusiasm. He is more enthusiastic than pragmatic, makes him bolder within. Now and again, he does not report it complain about little issues; he jumps at the chance to dally into different exercises, for example, singing, playing guitar, show, and move.

He tries to involvement, know, and develop throughout everyday life, and accomplish something offbeat. He is a contender with a thundering soul. He wishes to achieve something more prominent in life that will give him a chance to meet new individuals, go to new places, help him satisfy his imaginative wants, and inspire him to be better at it.