Bharath Gopi

Other names of Bharath Gopi: Gopinathan Velayudhan Nair, Kodiyettam Gopi, Bharat Gopy
Bharath Gopi was the evergreen pride of Malayalam media with his superlative performances which were well rewarded with four national awards, five state awards, six international awards and much more. He was neither handsome nor a grand master of dance and stunt moves or style. But he still carved out his niche in the industry with his unique acting skills and performance. He was born in 1937 at Trivandrum as the son of Velayudan Pillai and Parvathy Amma. He was very active in the film industry from 1972, until his death in 2008. His is survived by wife Jaya Lekshmi, Son Murali Gopi, and daughter Meenu Gopi. Murali Gopi is also an actor in Malayalam movies. Bharath Gopi has done many television shows and serials as well. 
Like many of his contemporaries, Bharath Gopi started his passion for acting through amateur theater and later became a professional drama actor & writer. His first movie was Swayamvaram released in 1972. His performance in the movie Kodiyettam fetched the first national award for best actor in 1978. He has acted in two Hindi movies also. Murali has also donned the caps of director and producer as well. Unfortunately, Bharath Gopi faced a massive physical paralysis in the year 1986 which was a huge blow to his brilliant acting career. After few years, he returned as a director & producer. Bharath Gopi also penned a book on his experiences, ‘Abinayam, Anubavam’ which won a national award as well. Bharath Gopi was felicitated by Padmashree in 1991. His intellect was a unique merge of massive talent, blazing zeal and flawless genuineness.