Other names of Sharmilee: Meenakshi, Maria Margaret Sharmilee, Sharmili

Sharmilee, born as Maria Margaret Sharmilee, is a famous Malayalam actress who has acted in not just Malayalam movies, but also, Tamil and Telugu ones. She started her career with Tamil films and then transitioned to Malayalam films where she was named the 2005 debutante artist by the Kerala Film Critics Association. She got popular by the name of Sharmilee due to her career in Tamil films where she has always been credited by that name.

After Kakkakarumbam (2004) she got the name Meenakshi after playing a character by the same name in that movie.

The same year, she acted in another hit film, which has been her most successful film to date, Vellinakshatram.

Despite her acting and modelling career, she never lost her focus on her studies. She is a graduate in Maths from Stella Maris College and then went on to do her post-graduation in Computer Applications. She continued and completed her studies and did modelling assignments alongside. She also hosted Kasumele, a popular programme on Jaya TV. Sharmilee made her debut with the film Aasai Aasaiyai (2002) which is about an aspiring entrepreneur and part-time detective and then starred in Anbe Anbe and Diwan. She then made her Telugu debut in 2003 with the movie Taarak. In 2004, she did Kakkakarumbam and Vellinakshatram, which was her peak time in her career and also marked her debut in Malayalam cinema. However, she failed to retain the stardom and tried maintaining a hold in the industry by venturing into movies of other regional languages.

After doing some more films and being a part of hit songs, Sharmilee completely faded away from the screen in 2005. The time she was here, she did make a mark.

Another version of this bio...

Meenakshi, born as Maria Margaret Sharmili, is a famous Malayalam actress. An MCA graduate from Stella Maris College, Chennai, she was offered roles in movies early in her life. Starting off with modeling, she gained popularity with the hit telephone show, ‘Kasu Mele’, on Jaya TV. She was instantly liked by the audience for her lively personality. Acting in movies was the next obvious choice, but that did not get her immediate success. Her debut Tamil movie did not come in her favor regarding box office records, but that did not stop her from taking up movies in other languages.

However, her third attempt in the Tamil film industry created a platform for her and showcased her acting abilities. Then, she shifted her focus to Telugu and in 2003, she was part of the hit, ‘ Tarak’. Nonetheless, it was the Malayalam film industry which gave her the success and recognition she needed. Her first Malayalam movie was ‘Vellinakshatram’, which did magic and gave her box office success, as well as grew her popularity. Though this film was a big hit, it seemed like her path of success had come to an end. Her following movies proved to be not so great. The pale box office reviews did not deter her from trying her luck again in ‘ Junior Senior’, an adaptation of the popular Hindi movie, ‘ Yes Boss’. This bubbly actor reprised the role of Juhi Chawla in the movie. Continuing her journey in the industry, she did manage to deliver some hit movies, but not for long.

Like any other famous actor, she disappeared from the acting world. 2005 is the last year she was seen acting in a movie and her love for acting, however, was always intact, as she preferred Malayalam movies more. She is known as Meenakshi in the industry, more than her real name which is Sharmili or Sharmilee.

Shamna Kasim Malayalam Actress

Shamna Kasim

Shamna Kasim is a well known Indian film actress and model. She is popularly known by her stage name ‘Poorna.' She was born in Kannur to a Muslim-Malayalee couple Kasim and Ramla. She has done her schooling from St. Teresas Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School in Kannur after shifting from Ursuline Senior Secondary School. She shifted her school to concentrate more on her dancing skills. Since childhood, she started learning different forms of classical dance. The different classical dance forms she knows are Kathak, Bharata natyam, Mohiniyattam. She represented her school in various competitions. In school, she also secured Kalathilakam of Kannur for four years. She completed her Bachelor of Arts from correspondence. She won third place in a reality show named Super Dancer on Amrita TV. Super Dancer bought Poorna into the limelight. Though dance was her love, she got into acting in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films. She was seen portraying the role of a ghost in a series of films. In fact, she was labeled as ‘the ghost queen of Telugu films’. She got critical acclaim for her movies Avunu and Avunu 2. People said that these films belong to Poorna. These hits made filmmakers, cast her in horror films. She even rejected many similar scripts. Her ghost role in a horror film Raju Garu Gadhi in 2015 turned out to be a sleeper hit at the box office. After a four year break from Malayalam films, Poorna made her comeback with the remake of Chattakaari. She played the character of Julie. She accepted this role, even after a lot of actors rejected it as it was a challenging role. According to Shamna, the role is not at all glamourous or not about exposing or filled with intimate scenes. It is about love and family relationships and emphasizes the character’s emotions.   Another version of this Bio... Shamna Kasim was born 24th May 1989 into a Muslim family in Kannur, Kerala, India. She did her graduation in English literature. She is a trained classical dancer and gained recognition after taking part in the dance competition Super Dancer aired on Amrita TV. She has performed as a dancer in all types of stage shows. Personal Life: Shamna Kasim is the youngest member of her family which includes her four elder siblings named Sheriffa, Arifa, Shanavas and Shaina, her father Kassim and mother Ramla Beevi. Currently, she resides in Kochi, Kerala. She did her schooling from Ursuline Senior Secondary School, Kannur and was also a part of St. Teresas, Kannur. She joined St. Teresas so that she could be a better dancer and improve her skills. Not only dance, but she was also involved in other activities like roller skating or dance competitions. She also won a gold medal in National Roller skating championship (2003). Career: Her debut film was a Malayalam film named as 'Manju Poloru Penkutty' but in a small role only. After that, she appeared in various commercial films like ‘Seema Tapakai’, ‘Avunu’, and ‘Rajadhi Raja’ which were very successful. She is best known for her movies ‘Mili’ (2005), ‘Aaru Sundarimaarude Katha’ (2013) and ‘Chattakkari’ (2012). Her role as a ghost in ‘Raju Garu Gadhi’ (2015) became a hit at the box office. It was like a dream came true in one night. Awards: Shamna won critical acclaim for her roles in Avunu (2012) and the sequel also for Avunu 2 (2014). Upcoming Projects: Her upcoming projects are Savarakkaththi (Tamil), Sarvamangalam (Telegu), Arjunan Kadhali (Tamil) and Padam Pesum (Tamil) which are currently being shot.



Shenbaga is a sizzling young actress in the South Indian Film industry, mainly in Malayalam and Tamil cinemas. Even though she has only acted in a couple of films, the roles she played and the films she did prove to stay in the hearts of every one of her fans. Shenbga also goes by the name of Chembakam. She was seen to rise to prominence during the 1990s. Doing some great lead roles as well as supporting characters in many movies, Shenbaga was lucky enough to capture the hearts of all. She had in her an air of gracefulness that helps to be easily distinguished from the other actresses of the time. The projects she undertook too were challenging ones, providing her with a window to showcase every little ounce of talent and skill she had got up her sleeves. Out of the various movies she has done, her first film 'Pravaachakan' seems to have captured all the viewers interests the most. The film was released in the year 1993. It was directed by 'P. G. Viswambaram'. The film featured many notable actors from the Malayalam film industry such as 'Mukesh', 'Rajan P Dev', 'Siddique' and 'Narendra Prasad'. Being given the opportunity to do her first Malayalam film with these eminent personalities itself showed a lucky start for Shenbaga. Being a newbie in the industry, she wasn’t given a big role in the film. But the success of the film had its effects on her too as she got many more exciting offers afterwards. The storyline of the movie 'Pravaachakan' revolves around the life of a young fortune teller whose luck turns his way. But when the Chief Minister gets kidnapped he gets dragged into the whole affair too. The movie thus goes to the wonderful and mysterious kidnapping of the Chief Minister. Another notable work of Shenbaga was 'Sulthaan Hyderali', which was released in the year 1996. It is a Malayalam film brought up under the directorship of 'Balu Kiriyath'. The lead roles for the film were portrayed by Baiju, Anusha and Silk Smitha. Shenbaga also got to play a relatively prominent role as Mehrunnisa. The movie was able to bring her much closer to her dream of being in the lead role. By starting off with supporting roles, Shenbaga was able to build her way up, improve her acting wherever needed, so that when finally the offer to do a lead role came, she was able to floor it.

Shenbaga Malayalam Actress