Other names of Sukumaran: Sukumaran Nair, Edappal Ponnamkuzhi Veettil Sukumaran Nair
Sukumaran Malayalam Actor
  • DOB : 10-06-1948
  • Date of death: 16-06-1997
  • Star Sign : Gemini

Sukumaran is a notable Malayalam film actor and producer during 70's. He was quite popular in South Indian cinemas during 70's and 80's and was considered superstar in the rows of M.G. Soman and Jayan. After graduating from University College with the gold medal in English literature, he spent his early career as a University professor for three years at Scott Christian College in Tamil Nadu,

Sukumaran played several characters in 120+ films over his entire career and won numerous awards for his character roles and noteworthy performances. Kerala State Film Award congratulated him for his contribution to the film 'Bandhanam'. Vasudevan Nair directed the film. While pursuing his career in academics, he got the offer to act in M.T. Vasudevan Nair's Malayalam film, 'Nirmalyan' which he wholeheartedly accepted. The film portrays Sukumaran as a young and defiant youngster. The film was a hit and went on to won several national awards and brought enormous accolades for his performance. 'Bandhanam,' meaning 'Bondage' in English describes the life of a boy Unnikrishnan (Sukumaran) who returns to his village on the note of his mother and discovers the financial struggle they were dealing.

On the other side, Unnikrishnan had feelings for his colleague but, unfortunately, due to prevailing circumstance, he can't reciprocate it. The story had a sadistic end as Unnikrishnan continues living the same lonely life after getting Sarojni’s marriage invitation. Later he took the project 'Shankhpushpam' and created the take-off platform for his career as an actor in Malayalam film industry.

After many years of experience in the cinematic industry and learning all its nitty-gritty, he started his production house by the name of Indrajit Creations. Sukumaran as a producer has produced films such as Irakal and Padayani. 'Irakal' is a psychological thriller film featuring Ganesh Kumar in the lead role. The film delineates human psychology of violence. In June 1997, the tragic death of Sukumaran at the young age of 49, due to heart attack left many of his followers and fans infelicitous.