A Malayalam film actor and singer who acted in more than 30 films, Santhosh Jogi marked his debut in 2004 in Two Wheeler, a Malayalam comedy. A villain we have all come to love, his loss is deeply reimbursed by most of us. His most remarkable roles were in Mayavi, where he played what he was best at, a villain. And Keerthichakara, where he played a military officer. Born to Purathu Sethumadhavan and Komattil Malathi Amma, Santhosh Jogi was born in Eravimangalam.

He studied in Vyasa College, Pune, before starting his career as a singer for local programs. Following his début, Jogi moved to Dubai and played several supporting roles and continued singing. He was mostly portrayed as the villain, in Malayalam movies. On June 24th, he married Jijy in 2001 and had two daughters, Chitralekha and Kapila. He also acted in Raajamanikyam (his first film), Chotta Mumbai (2007), Pokkiri Raja (2010) and Christian Brothers (his last film, and a good one at that).

On April 10th, 2010, Jogi was found dead in his friend's flat in Thrissur. He was found hanging from the ceiling fan, and the Police ruled it off as a suicide that caused due to family problems.