K. Jayakumar Nair

Other names of K. Jayakumar Nair: K. Jayakumar
K. Jayakumar Nair Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
    - Lyricist

"K Jayakumar Nair is a 66-year-old Malayali Lyricist who was born on 6th October 1952. His parents are M Krishnan Nair, an eminent film director, and K Sulochana Devi. He has two younger siblings named K Hari Kumar and K Sreekumar aka Sreekuttan who is also a director. They reside at Thiruvananthapuram. Mr. Jayakumar is a retired Chief Secretary of Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Government of Kerala. He has been awarded the K S Menon Memorial Award for his services. On retirement, he was elected as the vice chancellor of a Malayalam University named Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University. He is also a poet, painter, and screenwriter. He usually pens down lyrics for album songs and movies.

Till date, he has been the lyricist in more than 100 Malayalam films. He does a lot of other work such as translation, movie direction and conducting exhibitions. He has also directed a kids’ movie and has held around 17 exhibitions all by himself. To add on, he enjoys translating works of well-known poets such as Khalil Gibran, Rumi, and Rabindranath Tagore. He has written poems. Some of his noticeable works include poems such as Santhapavriksham, Rathriyude Sadhyathakal, Ardhavrithangal, Solamante Pranayageethangal, Rumiyude Pranayakavithakal (Being a translated work), and Geetanjali (Being a translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s work). He has authored books like Aadityahridayam, Aparathayod anuragapoorvam, and Vayalar-Ganarachanyile Gandharvam. "