Born in the small town of Aryoor, in Panthanamthitta, of Kerala, Pranav Sasidharan is a professional dancer. His mother was a nurse while his father had a job in Mumbai.

He studied in Seventh-day Adventist School till class 3rd at his birthplace and then moved to Mumbai with his father. Pranav then studied in Vidhya Vikasini High School and Junior College in Fatherwadi where he completed his school education. He took admission in L.S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce in Mumbai.

His ambition was to become a filmmaker. In Mumbai, he decided to work by becoming a part of Sonu’s Dance Academy where he taught dance. Pranav became the part of dance reality show named “D 2 D 4 Dance”, which is the second season of the popular reality show ‘D 4 Dance’. The show premiered on Manorama TV channel in 2014-15. Although Pranav didn’t plan on being a contestant in the show.

He was present in the auditions because he accompanied his friend who had come from Gujarat. He decided to give the auditions and ended up getting selected. In the show, Pranav remained a consistent performer whose unique dance style and innovative techniques won the hearts of millions who watched the show along with the judges.

He choreographed his own performances in the show, one of which being based on a special kind of augmented reality technology. His uniqueness and hard work were the reason why he won the show. Pranav raised the standard of the show with his performances. After the show, Pranav became a choreographer for movies, the first of which being ‘A for Apple, B for btech’. Pranav also began his work in television series.

He continued to teach his style of dance, predominantly through workshops. ‘Chuvadi’, a series of 14 workshop classes in 14 different cities was organized by Pranav for this very purpose. He has inspired tons of people, including participants in the next seasons of ‘D 4 Dance’, and he continues to do so. His consistency and perseverance is the reason behind his success. Apart from dancing, Pranav also likes to sketch in his free time.