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Malayalam Cinematographer ( 12 - 24 )


Cinematography Is The Study Of Moving Photography

Cinematography Is The Study Of Moving Photography. Having The Best Camera To Shoot The Film And A Director To Direct Those Shots Won’t Get You The Best Looking Scenes, It’s About Having A Person Who Is Going To Handle Those Things And Make A Story Out Of A Narration.

A Lot Of Money Goes Into The Making Of A Movie, And What Makes Or Breaks It Is The Way That The Movie Is Shot And How Beautiful The Shots Are. Here A Cinematographer Comes To Play. They Play A Very Huge Role In Shooting The Movie And Making The Scenes Optimal. They Head The Camera And The Light Crew, Decide The Camera And Filters Used And Record The Scenes As Directed By The Director.

The Credits To The Movie Becoming A Hit Defiantly Go To The Cinematographer Tirelessly Perfecting The Scenes. They Are Responsible For The All The Beautiful Scenes In The Malayalam Films. Here Is A List Of The Most Talented And Efficient Cinematographer’s Of The Malayalam Movie Industry.