Suresh Rajan is a cinematographer who predominantly is director of photography in Malayalam cinema. The director of photography made his debut in a short film named ‘Macher Kanta’. Later, he was invited to take up a film project which was a 2009 Malayalam anthology film ‘Kerala Café’ which had a team of ten directors. For one part of the movie titled ‘Bridge’, Suresh Rajan was the director of photography which was directed by Anwar Rasheed Anwar Rasheed is a famous and highly appreciated d >> Read More... . In the year 2013, Jayaraj directed a movie named 'Camel Safari' which was extensively shot in Rajasthan. Suresh Rajan captured the locales with amazing cinematography covering the beauty and splendorous of the desert of Rajasthan, its forts, and landscape, colorful clothes and music, legendary Pushkar fare.

Even some good songs with great music and picturization took place but it didn’t notify box office. In the year 2014, a political satire movie named ‘ Masala Republic Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ which was the multi-starrer film. The film had cinematography by Suresh Rajan. In the year 2015, he was associated with another movie named ‘ Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ which was a big flop movie. In 2016, he got into a successful project ' Kismath Click to look into! >> Read More... ' which had Shane Nigam Shane Nigam is a Malayali actor. He is the son of >> Read More... and Shruthy Menon Shruthy Menon is an Indian thespian, TV host, Expe >> Read More... in lead roles. The film bought astral in box office. Suresh Rajan had wielded camera for another short movie ‘Be kind to the Blind’ which was delayed a lot and got completed at last.

Satheesh Kurup Malayalam Actor

Satheesh Kurup

Satheesh Kurup is an Indian cinematographer who predominantly works in Malayalam cinema. He took up a challenging task of photography from his first film ‘Anwar,’ and this film is still considered to be one of his best works so far. He owes an inspiration as a cinema technician from cinematographer and director Balu Mahendra. He was very much determined to be a part of the cinema. But before he could make a plunge in cinema, he was a still photographer in his college club. His continuous passion for cinematography brought him closer to many producers and directors of Malayalam cinema. While he was a still photographer in the college club, he took up the role of an assistant cameraman for Big B, which had cinematography by Samir Tahir. Later on, he had followed up as an operating cameraman for movie ‘Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded’ which had Mohanlal, Shobana in the stellar cast. However, he wanted to become an independent cameraman. So, he took a reference from director-producer Anwar Rasheed and met Amal Neerad who was planning to direct 'Anwar.' While he was struggling to keep his foot as an independent cameraman, he only got the visual suggestion from Amal Neerad which was enough for him to take the movie to a higher level. After his commendable work in 'Anwar', a various kind of film offers came to him. But he was quite selective and chose those films that qualified to have a concept of art and a good theme. Satheesh felt his journey as a cinematographer must be a bit serious one with quality works. He would tell himself always, if at all he was given a chance, to direct just a few six or seven movies in his whole career, he would not mind at all. To him, quality meant a lot, and he was not bothered to achieve a quantity goal in his career. For ‘Anwar’, he shot maximum scenes in Kochi which had bend well with the theme of the movie. This cinematographer also can be remembered for his quality of work in ‘Pranayam’ (2011). Both of these movies( Anwar and Pranayam) clicked in the box office and Kurup got some more meaningful work in Malayalam cinema. After wielding camera for few more Malayalam movies, he got a chance for a highly appreciated film ‘Mr. Fraud’ in 2014. His earlier movies like ‘Salalah Mobiles’ and ‘Ladies and Gentleman’ only received a poor response at the box office and had a mixed critics appreciation. Kurup also has wielded camera for a short film 'Undo Think forth' and a documentary '100 Years of Chrysostom'.