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Nikhil Nair is an Indian actor cum model, who works mainly in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam television industries. He was born on 16th December 1992 & brought up in Bengaluru. His parents are from Kerala. He completed his Bachelors of Engineering (Mechanical) and Masters in Business Administration from Bengaluru. He made his acting debut in the year 2020. He played the lead role of “Ambadi Arjunan” in a Malayalam series, “Ammayariyathe,” and touched hearts. In recent times he also played the role of “prem” in the Telugu series “ Intinti Gruhalakshmi Intinti Gruhalakshmi is a tv serial that airs on S >> Read More... ” and appeared in the ETV Telugu serial “ Maguva RVS TV is a 24/7 Telugu entertainment channel givi >> Read More... .”

He has moreover modeled for 30+ state and national fashion shows and attained glory. Nikhil was initially not inclined towards acting. He instead joined an IT company Tech Mahindra. He worked for years but still felt a void. He always wanted to do something more than a 9-5 desk job. This aspiration headed him towards the acting industry. Soon with the help of an acquaintance, he started giving auditions for advertisements. He shed his blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish his dream. He used to wake up at 5 am, attend acting class, rush to the office, and sneak out for auditions. He followed this strenuous schedule for years and kept juggling between work and acting. After that, he resigned from his job and focused downright on his acting career.

His parents were not very content with the decision, however, after perceiving his commitment they approved of it. Nikhil worked hard in the beginning. He walked that extra mile and used to work for 24 hours but appreciated every bit of it. Speaking about the roles he played, he connects a lot with his famous character “Ambadi” and shares some mutual qualities with him. He once left the show for some other projects but came back, considering the love showered by his fans. Currently, the actor is juggling between Hyderabad and Kerala for some projects. His hard work and commitment helped him achieve his dream and, he marked a significant position in the Molly wood industry. However, he still believes he has a long way to go and is driven to leave no stone unturned.


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